Italian Politician Tries To File Charges Against 4,609 YouTube Commenters

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Boing Boing points us to a story coming out of Italy, concerning what appears to be a former politician with a… colorful past, Salvatore Cuffaro (he was apparently found guilty of helping the Mafia), who is upset about the comments on a YouTube video that involves himself, but which is from the early 90s. So, he’s “laid charges” against all 4,609 commenters (since then, many more have commented). I’m not familiar enough with the legal system of Italy to quite understand what these charges mean, but the link above comes from an Italian political party, Italia dei Valori, which apparently is considered “anti-corruption.” Apparently, that party is offering to cover the legal defense of any of the commenters who need the help. The translated text from Italia dei Valori isn’t entirely clear — and I’m not even sure what’s wrong with the video or the commenters, or what people are being charged with exactly — so please help fill in the blanks in the comments. However, any time you have a politician even threatening to sue thousands of YouTube commenters, you know something has gone wrong.

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Comments on “Italian Politician Tries To File Charges Against 4,609 YouTube Commenters”

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Avatar28 (profile) says:

how many of those are outside of Italy?

Given the nature of the Internet and Youtube, I sort of have to wonder just how many of those people are even in Italy? I would be willing to bet that a fair number of them are not even in the country and therefore wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) fall under an Italian court’s jurisdiction for this issue. Not that that ever seems to stop these courts from issuing ridiculous judgements anyways.

It gets even more muddy if the video is hosted in the US and commented on by someone in the US. Bah!

I really hope this is one instance where Google refuses to roll over (like it seems to be doing a lot lately) and actually fights back on it.

patrick kapty says:

Talk about your tempest in a teapot…
First of all the reportage is incomplete, and the information is spotty at best, with most major issues unknown, so of course, there’s got to be every idiot on the web sounding off their opinions on something that hasn’t even been adequately presented in the first place. Glad they’re not still burning witches, sure wouldn’t take much to get someone burnt around here!

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