Sports Fan Lobbying Group… Or Anti-Cable Lobbying Group?

from the how-lobbying-works dept

We’ve talked in the past about the sneaky nature of Washington DC lobbying, whereby the real lobbyists’ goals are hidden as some sort of bogus grass roots campaign involving some random group of people. It looks like that’s about to happen again, as a bunch of satellite TV and telcos have put together what is officially a “sports fan” lobbyist organization. However, it appears to really just be an anti-cable effort. The initial campaign is likely to be an attempt to stop the cable firms from their current effort to block competing television service providers from being able to carry cable-owned sports networks. The real fight is about who gets to control what TV sports content, but it sounds much nicer to pretend that it’s “concerned sports fans” as a lobbying group, rather than “cable company competitors.”

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Comments on “Sports Fan Lobbying Group… Or Anti-Cable Lobbying Group?”

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jsl4980 (profile) says:

It might be a fake group, but I don’t think what they’re pushing for is a bad thing. I’d love to be able to leave Time Warner in my area, but they’re the only ones with local sports coverage and that is a must-have for me. Then again once Verizon FIOS is available I can get ESPN360 which will cover all college games… Maybe Verizon and TWC can trade/share local sports coverage for ESPN360.

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