Monster Madness: Monster Energy Drink's Hired Trademark Trolls Go After Movie Monster

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We’ve recently covered how beverage company Hansen’s hired a company called Continental Enterprises, who has a long history of abusing trademark law for profit (i.e., getting big companies to allow it to send threat letters to anyone who in any way uses a mark, even if it’s clearly not a violation of trademark), and because of that, a small Vermont brewery and a beverage review website found themselves on the receiving end of legal threats.

Apparently, the monster madness doesn’t stop there. Andrew points us to the news that that Continental Enterprises, on behalf of Hansen’s and Monster Energy Drink has also threatened a working actor who was in a monster movie a few years ago, and had a photo taken of himself in costume holding a Monster Energy Drink. This amusing joke photo is apparently too much for the fine folks at Continental Enterprises, who insist it’s “advertising and/or selling products that are confusingly similar to Monster Energy Drink” and demand that he cease and desist.

At what point does Hansens and Monster Energy Drink realize that in this deal to outsource trademark bullying to Continental Enterprises, they’ve done significantly more harm to their own brands?

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Comments on “Monster Madness: Monster Energy Drink's Hired Trademark Trolls Go After Movie Monster”

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Toe Jam says:

Bad advertisement is good arvertisment?

“Well it is getting Monster Energy Drink in the news…”

Yes, but in a very negative way. I admit that both the wife and I will occasionally drink this class of beverage when coffee isn’t readily available and a pick-me-up is needed, especially on long road trips. We will be avoiding this brand in the future, just one more in a long line of “product” we’re already boycotting. There are always alternative choices.

ChrisB (profile) says:

Re: Bad advertisement is good arvertisment?

Musicians, Artists, Actors, all claim that there is no such thing as bad press as it is a bigger problem for nobody to know who they are than for people to hate them.

I am positing that Brand Recognition can be viewed in a similar light.

It is better to be recognized (good or bad) than have nobody know who you are.

"Monster" HomeBrewer says:

Monster Energy vs ????

So let me see, is Monster going to sue Disney or Pixar for using the names “Monsters, Inc” or “Monsters VS Aliens”? I would never have known that those movies had nothing to do with the energy drink. . . oh wait a minute I guess I would as I’m not a frickin idiot. Who the hell is going to get a Black can with three green claw marks confused with a 22oz glass beer bottle with a label that is completely different? I mean really folks, come on and get serious. F*@#ing Lawyers!!!!!!

Daemon_ZOGG (profile) says:

Boycott Hansens products...

Since the first news of this broke out, my family and friends have stopped using all of Hansens products. Including Monster. They are all outraged by the actions of Hansens.
Hansens is just another corporate jerk-off. They can be added to the list of shame, right next to companies like disney, the riaa (alias: mu$ic MAFIA), and micro$oft (alias: micro$haft). They should feel right at home there. The friggen TROLL bastards!

..Nuf Said!


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