If You're A Fugitive, You Probably Shouldn't Update Your Facebook Status With Location… Or Friend A Fed

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No one ever said criminals were particularly intelligent. With all the stories we’ve seen of various people revealing things they shouldn’t on social networking systems, you knew that stories like this one were going to become more common. Apparently a fugitive on the run for bank fraud not only updated his Facebook status with his whereabouts (a resort in Cancun, Mexico), but also “friended” a former Justice Department official, who helped hand over the fugitive’s info to officials who tracked down and arrested the guy.

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Comments on “If You're A Fugitive, You Probably Shouldn't Update Your Facebook Status With Location… Or Friend A Fed”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 This is a problem with Facebook

No no no. It’s not the banks that are the problem. Money is the reason people rob banks. So we need to ban money.

Don’t blame the money.

It’s people who are robbing the banks. Therefore the only obvious solution is to ban people. Can we start with Eliot Spitzer?

DocMenach (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 This is a problem with Facebook

It’s people who are robbing the banks. Therefore the only obvious solution is to ban people. Can we start with Eliot Spitzer?

Good point. It is people who are robbing banks. If is wasn’t for oxygen there wouldn’t be people around to rob banks though. So we obviously need to ban oxygen.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:4 This is a problem with Facebook

“It’s (arguably) independent, but it’s very much a government entity.”

For all practical purposes, it’s ENTIRELY independent, and even though it parrots the line that it is a part of government, it really isn’t. But, for arguments sake, even if we just agree to call it a part of the government because both they and the govt. say it is, they operate OUTSIDE of the government and act without restrictions and with abilities that NO other government institution does. Even from the wiki article you linked:

1. “The stocks of the regional federal reserve banks are owned by the banks operating within that region and which are part of the system.” – Those are PRIVATELY owned banks it’s referring to…

2. “As an independent institution, the Federal Reserve System has the authority to act on its own without prior approval from Congress or the President.” – AND it isn’t a part of the judiciary….so which branch of government does it fall under, exactly? We only have 3, and this isn’t under ANY of them….

3. “The Federal Reserve System’s unique structure also provides internal checks and balances” – That isn’t how American government works. Checks and balances are supposed to come through the oversight of those OUTSIDE the group, not within….

4. “It also generates revenue independently without need for Congressional funding.” – Right, through the private entities controlling it (Chase, Morgan, etc. etc.)

5. “All profit after expenses is returned to the U.S. Treasury or contributed to the surplus capital of the Federal Reserve Banks” – Yeah, and guess which of those two actually happens….

It’s a whole lot of smoke and mirrors, with the truth being that the FED does what it wants, contributes little compared w/its reserves, and plays a game of seesawing our economy up and down for profit. Interest rates are an odd thing.

Cash4Gold says:

Re: Re: Re:5 This is a problem with Facebook

“Interest rates are an odd thing.”

If you take it a step further, and look at the dollar versus spot pricing of gold, (which is up nearly 33% for the year) you’ll see that compared with the Dow’s 30% gain you’re basically breaking even.

But people are getting a good blood letting now. For example, grocery stores take out the water fountains, and charge $1.00 for a bottle of water. And it’s $1.25 for a pack of Wrigley’s gum at the grocery store. It looks like the $.35 packs are not even sold anymore. Capitalism at work.

davebarnes (profile) says:

Actually, criminals are typically not so bright

“studies have shown” that criminals’ IQs are on average less than the general populace.


“The men who committed two or more criminal offenses by age twenty had IQ scores on average a full standard deviation below nonoffenders, and IQ and criminal offenses were significantly and negatively correlated at r = -.19.”

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Actually, criminals are typically not so bright

“There are a lot more Blue collar criminals than white collar, so the study is skewed in their favor.”

Are there? Or do the white collar criminals just not get caught, get treated far differently, and/or have the kind of lawyerly backstop to keep from being prosecuted?

Phil says:

Re: Actually, criminals are typically not so bright

Ah — this is data derived from the roster criminals that get caught. I suspect that you’re a lot less likely to get caught if you are smart. The smartest guys don’t often get included in these statistics. Remember, 40% of serious crimes like murder are never solved in the US. I don’t know the numbers for less serious crimes, but the police pay less attention to nonviolent crime, so I suspect the unsolved rates are even higher for the nonviolent acts. — In other words, this data is tainted by Selection Bias.

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