Court Says No To Feds Attempt To Delay Handing Over Lobbying Info On Telco Immunity

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After a court ordered the White House to hand over info on who lobbied for getting telco immunity over warrantless wiretaps, the administration has been trying hard to stall. It first asked for a 60 day delay, in order to think about filing an appeal. That was denied. Then it asked for a 30 day delay for the same reason… and, surprise, surprise, that’s now been denied as well. The White House has until Friday to cough up the info. Anyone have thoughts on what the White House will do to try to delay this time?

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Comments on “Court Says No To Feds Attempt To Delay Handing Over Lobbying Info On Telco Immunity”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Executive orders? National security? Some twisted version of sovereign immunity (ie: they can’t be prosecuted while in office. Ie: they must be impeached first?). Or they might simply not hand over the info and see what happens. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the law right? If they don’t enforce the law who will?

elpookie says:

telco immunity

The dog eat it!? That is funny. Heck, why not try it. More likely is a petition to the 9th Cir. panel in charge of the District Court asking for review. If that fails, ask for a complete review to the entire 9th Cir., not just the three that make the initial panel. Or, lord, they could turn over the info in a redacted form as to make it useless and force the Plaintiffs to ask the Court for an order removing the redactions. Instant continuance.

Not to bore anyone, but I have a fundamental problem with the approval of what appears a patently unconstitutional act and the executive’s efforts to make it legal after the fact. Executive Privilege and immunity for those involved does go a long way, however, to protect the parties.

Which reminds me of the Star Chamber proceedings where people were charged with crimes and when asked for the evidence the government would refuse because of “national security.” So in essence, the government became judge, jury and executioner. Do no believe that is what the founding framers of our Constitution had in mind.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Mike, you missed something, its the Nobel Peace Prize winning Whitehouse [sic] who’s delaying the release of records.

Umm, two points. First, when did the “Whitehouse” win a Nobel Peace Prize? Second, Mike mentioned the White House in the very first sentence. If your reading skills are really that low, perhaps you should go back to watching Faux News on the TV.

ReallyEvilCanine (profile) says:


Based on a lack of available staff and the fact that the staff members which are available aren’t actually authorised to access the computer systems which hold the requested data, said systems about to be taken down for maintenance this afternoon and, WHOOPS! I’m sure we have back-ups somewhere, just let my check my Palm III for the data store location. You know, if it can happen to Microsoft and Telkom, you really can’t get too upset that we might have lost a few figures ourselves…

Ben (profile) says:

You know what would be funny? Hold the president in Contempt of Court and have him arrested. See what happens, if the WhiteHouse is playing that game, why not play it back.
You know the beauty of Contempt? The judge can hold you indefinitely, but usually only holds for no more than 30 days. Sorta like the crap that the White House did to get themselves here in the first place.

Matthew Cruse (profile) says:

The American Way

Despite the sarcasm and conspiracy theories, this country -imperfect as it is- is bound by laws. Laws made by imperfect people, some with ulterior motives or hidden agendas, and some people are just ignorant of the consequences of their actions. But when all is said and done, we all in this country are bound by those laws. So, in my opinion once all of the legal methods of delay and obfuscation are over the White House will…….hand over the records as the law says they must. And in reply to someones earlier comment the President is not a King, and the White House is not a Castle. The Executive branch is responsible to the Judiciary and Legislative branches, that is why we have three branches of Gov’t that all must balance each other.

weneedhelp (profile) says:


Yeah right. Criminal protect criminals.
Matthew…where have you been the past 8 years? Our “laws” have been changed by, IMHO, criminals to protect their criminal cohorts.
“we all in this country are bound by those laws.”
Except those who control the “laws”. They change them to fit their agenda.

“the President is not a King, and the White House is not a Castle”
Again I ask you; Where have you been the past 8 years.

Just have the right people in the right places and you can have King like powers. Case in point (I will provide a link, but I doubt anyone will watch.)
I am also sick of idiots that use the word conspiracy to discredit those with VALID concerns.

Where is Osama?
Why did everyone that failed to prevent 911 get promoted?
Why was Norman Mineta’s testimony not included in the 911 report?

Why when released from the NTSB, the flight data recorder from flight 77, did the altimeter get adjusted upon take off and not landing? – 7 parts.

And on and on. No conspiracies here.

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