German Chancellor Against Google Book Project… Leaves Out That Germany Tried Funding A Competitor

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel got plenty of attention over the weekend for speaking out against the Google Book settlement, making some odd claims that suggest she’s not particularly familiar with what the debate is actually about:

“The German government has a clear position: copyrights have to be protected in the Internet,” Merkel said, adding there are “considerable dangers” for copyright protection in the Internet.

“That’s why we reject the scanning in of books without any copyright protection — like Google is doing. The government places a lot of weight on this position on copyrights to protect writers in Germany.”

But… what Google’s doing is not about scanning books “without any copyright protection.” That’s a fabrication. Hell, even a German court ruled that Google’s book scanning project doesn’t violate copyright. You would think that Merkel would be familiar with rulings in her own country. Separately, it seems worth noting that at one point, Germany was heavily involved in Quearo, a European project that was originally designed to compete with Google’s book scanning project. While Germany eventually dropped out of that program, it’s difficult to claim that Merkel is an unbiased party in this matter, as her government at least initially supported a project to compete with Google in scanning books.

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Comments on “German Chancellor Against Google Book Project… Leaves Out That Germany Tried Funding A Competitor”

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big says:

Re: Re: See?

Just might point out here that about half of this number was Russian. And you never hear them whining about their holocaust, just their motherland. Now Hitler only had a Fatherland. And the Jews had no homeland at all.

Maybe that’s why the Russians have some anti-semitic ownership laws, nobody is going to screw our motherland again any which way.

harbingerofdoom (profile) says:

since we are now tossing out what our likes and dislikes are…
what i cant stand is when someone makes an OBVIOUS off-hand remark that was clearly not intended to be taken as factual and someone else goes completely APENUTZ about it showing their total lack of ability to put things into perspective.

especially when neither the initial off-hand remark and the subsequent apenuttery have anything to do with the topic at hand.
argue your completely irrelevant to the actual subject at hand numbers elsewhere and lets get back to focusing on yet another clueless politician spewing completely incorrect information while not disclosing that they were backing a competing project to begin with. i would like to know if quearo had any kind of DRM/copyrights management to it either.

Akhtar Qassimyar, MD says:

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