Pro Tip: If You Run A Prison, Maybe Don't Give The Guy In Jail For Computer Fraud The Job Of Reprogramming Your Computers

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Let’s see…. you run a prison and you need to do some work on the computer system. Do you (a) hire a competent professional or (b) hand over the computer system to an inmate who’s in jail for computer fraud, involving phishing scams? Apparently, a prison in the UK went with option (b) and then had to deal with being entirely locked out of the computer system, after the guy hacked around and changed everyone’s passwords. Apparently, that prison-work program needs a few tweaks…

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Comments on “Pro Tip: If You Run A Prison, Maybe Don't Give The Guy In Jail For Computer Fraud The Job Of Reprogramming Your Computers”

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Joseph Durnal (user link) says:


I always hope that even those who have done wrong can right themselves and return to be productive members of society. I actually worked on jail computer systems before on contract, most of the IT folks were clueless. What could be better for one accepting responsibility for their wrongs than the oppritinity to maintain their skills and provide a service. But folks like this give criminals a bad rep. 🙂

Jon B. (profile) says:

Re: Rehabilitation

Yep. I used to communicate with one particular jail, and I knew what person to ask for when I had a question. It was long before I figured out that the person I was talking to was an inmate on work “release” (not really release if he stays in the building I guess)

I can’t imagine that working in a *prison* setting, though.

And yeah, clueless IT people. I could tell you stories at both ends of the spectrum – one jail whose booking database had an XML api, and others where toothless Jimmy was responsible for all the computer thingies.

Beta says:

Good news!

Havard: “Boss, guess what! they gave me control of a computer network here in the prison!”
Luthor: “At last!…”
Havard: “And I vandalized it!”
Luthor: “…What?”
Havard: “Yeah, I messed up the password files and locked ’em all out! You should have seen their faces! Now they won’t be able to give us that new TV system for months!”
Luthor: “Doug, next time you’re in the yard I want you to tell that to the biggest, meanest-looking con you can find.”

Call me Al (profile) says:

Re: Changing passwds?

Wouldn’t have worked. The prison system is so luddite in the UK that they have all that kind of thing in hardcopy and in triplicate. Though considering they let the inmates loose on the computer system it no longer seems so stupid.

From the six months I worked in a prison back in 2002 this doesn’t surprise me. Most were utterly clueless about computers and I was often asked to print copies of documents which were freely available on the shiny new computer system and post them all round the offices. There was even one member of staff (a typist) who refused to let them replace her old computer which was no capable of using the updated system and so was not internet compatible. She ended up with two computers on her desk, one for typing documents and one purely so she could access the internet. She was, in short, a staggeringly stupid old bat. (user link) says:



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