Beyond Kicking People Offline, France Raises Fines For Copyright Infringement To $440,000

from the proportionate? dept

With France continuing to push for a version of three strikes legislation, the latest bill approved also happens to increase potential fines for infringement up to 300,000 euros, or approximately $440,000. Nice to see governments making sure that the punishment fits the crime, huh?

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Comments on “Beyond Kicking People Offline, France Raises Fines For Copyright Infringement To $440,000”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Screw it. Just put a bullet in their brains. End of story and end of sharing. Seriously.

Here’s the way you stop people from sharing anything on the internet. Either shut down the entire internet and close up shop, or kill every freakin’ person if so much as one dares to share music.

End of sharing, end of piracy, and end of freedom of whatever. Kneel everyone down, put a bullet in the backs of their heads, charge the cost of the bullet to immediate family, and the Entertainment Industry will finally rest easy knowing that there isn’t anyone left to file share.

Anonymous Coward says:

Raise it to 50 Billion..

Everyone just needs to stop paying for anything relating to muzak or video.. Easy. The whole country boycotts them bastards and they will be forced to change their ways. Just like me.. I don’t really download too much these days (don’t want the RIAA Nazi’s kicking my door) unless I’m tunneled somewhere else but I have not been to the movies in at least 8 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought a CD. I will say, I did buy one DVD in my days.. Scarface (even if I think it was a chinese bootleg) but that’s it. File sharing has been around since the first email was sent and it will be around for a long time to come, there is nothing anyone can do about it.. Fines, prison, kick me off the internet.. We will still “steal” all the stuff we want.. Where there is a will there will be a way and if not, we’ll code a way..

Anonymous Coward says:

The French government is the best friend of alternatives.

The french government is fuelling one silent revolution, most of the best alternatives to commercial music are coming from France, ironically the place where such absurd laws are being passed. The way that the current players choose to alienate their costumers is making a cultural shift not only possible but a reality.

Hope they continue to do so, the more angry people get, the more the alternatives grow in popularity.

Go Jamendo.

Morisato (profile) says:


News these days are getting dull. I see way too many of these infringe this and rights that. It’s a never ending battle. One of which the hungry corporations will never win. If they wanted so much to stop piracy, stop making the product itself. Anyone should know if they make something that can be pirated, they should accept that fact. Get over it I say and move on cause they’ll never win no matter what law they pass. They’re not the only one wanting to make money off the poor. What they should be going after are the people profitting and ripping other piraters off of the free content. They’re the ones making the money off your supposedly infringed item or whatever. Instead we just see the same cases of innocent semi hard working people getting picked on just because they’re too poor or too lazy to buy the product while the others profitting from infringed content are well off riding there long dream ferrari’s. Good one corporates, way to make the world into the hell whole it already is in. Lets just hope 2012 will save humanities issues of all this hate and rage.

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