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We recently wrote about how Kevin Smith was connecting with fans in a variety of ways, and after doing so, some of “his people” (see? I got this movie business lingo down) contacted us to see if we wanted to give away some copies of his new book, Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of SMODCAST. So, we said sure, because we’re told by people all the time that Techdirt readers “just want stuff for free.” These aren’t signed books or anything — we tried, and apparently we’re not cool enough and the signed ones are a reason to buy, so if you want that, pay up, cheapskate. But, hey, these books are still free. What are you complaining about?

Anyway… I’ve put together some trivia questions, which shouldn’t be that hard to answer if you listen to Smodcast regularly (or if you’re a creative Googler). Alternatively, write up a comment about something having to do with Kevin Smith or his movies, and make it funny, cool or original (preferably all three). Anyway, we’ve got five books. There are three trivia questions. The first person to answer any one of the trivia questions correctly gets a book (if you know the answer to more than one question, don’t be that guy — we know you’re awesome; just let someone else get it). Then we’ll take the two best Kevin Smith stories and award the books to them. If, by Monday night, no one’s been able to figure out the answers to trivia questions (and, who knows, maybe I’ll give hints), then for every unanswered trivia question, we’ll pick another “Kevin Smith story” writer. Oh yeah, make sure you include a working email in the email box so we can contact you and work out the details. If we can’t reach you or you don’t respond to our emails in time, the free book goes on to the next winner… That’s about the deal. This is intended to be fun, so don’t go nuts over it. Silent Bob wouldn’t approve.

Trivia questions (remember, just answer one):

  1. When Clerks was first shown at Cannes, what famous rocker did Scott Mosier have to go wake up on that rocker’s yacht one morning?
  2. Kevin’s got some dogs (three, I believe). One has a habit of interrupting SModcast with barks, and recently traveled to NY to bark on a special east coast SMod. Name the dog…
  3. Smith recently got to meet the father of one of his heroes, who he’s suggested there should be a new religion around. Who did he meet?

Again, if you’re the first to get any of those right, you get a book. If you get more than one right, you still get just one book, but whoever is quick and copies your second answer in the next comment gets the next book. If you don’t know any of these… start listening to SModcasts, or write a cool story that involves Kevin or (more likely) his movies. Update: Wow, you guys are fast. All three trivia questions answered. But, now we’re still open for stories: talk about Kevin or how he influenced your life in some way and a book could be yours…

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Comments on “Win A Copy Of Kevin Smith's New Book”

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R. Miles (profile) says:

Re: Re: The dog's name...

Someone paid for the Crystal Ball level of Techdirt!
Ironically, a feature I requested have the option to be disabled!

It just happened to turn out that I was going to submit a story about an Oregon man who distributed Oregon’s public law but was found to be in copyright violation!

I enabled the CB feature to see if TD was working on the story, when I saw the Kevin Smith article open.

As a fan of Kevin, I read the article. When I saw the dog question, I knew the answer, so I posted it.

Now my CB is disabled again. Heh, I wonder what the chances are of this happening again are.

SIDE NOTE: Just a thought, seeing how the CB feature could be useful for submitting stories, any reason why it couldn’t be placed on the right side?

I know this sounds picky, but that “wasted space” atop the page irritates me. It’s hundreds of pixels that take away article positioning.

No offense, but I really don’t want to see half my screen taken up with a message asking someone to shut Techdirt up.

Feedback, baby. Just had to offer it.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Father

Great. Just like DH and mobigeek to make things tricky for us here. πŸ™‚

Yes, the answer is Walter Gretzky, who is Wayne Gretzky’s father… After talking it over, we think it’s fair to give the book to Dark Helmet, who didn’t specifically name Walter, but knew who he was.

We’ll find something else to send mobigeek though, as a consolation prize. πŸ™‚

Designerfx (profile) says:

funny influence of kevin smith

1 line: “that’s some damn good coffee”. I have shown that movie to more people than you can imagine, and that part was great. Also, I tried to talk my girlfriend into doing a granny panties but she said no πŸ™ Sorry kev.

honestly, he writes good stuff, it’s hilariously entertaining, what else is to be expected?

What other movie stars humorously confront urban rumors or controversial ideas like how women count the number of people they’ve slept with but don’t count blowjobs while calling us sluts, etc. Double standards are covered in subtle ways πŸ™‚

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Encouraging people to buy things doesn’t help the economy? Better tell that to the US government so they stop wasting all our tax dollars on helping the economy. πŸ˜›

Besides, I can work and read Techdirt at the same time just fine.

A story about Kevin Smith’s work: Dogma (Kevin Smith wrote, directed, and acted in) gave me my current standing on religion. The idea is good, but once you build a belief stricture around it, it turns into a bad thing. That movie has ended quite a few arguments between me and my vary religious roommate.

res2 (profile) says:

Thank you Kevin for changing my life

I went to see Clerks with my wife after a long day of drinking rum and cokes by the pool. When I saw the scene where the girl friend was describing a “snow cone” (or was it a snowball?) I threw up a little in my mouth. Then I thought about having a little bile in my mouth and the whole snow cone thing again, and I completely lost it; all over my wife. We got divorced 1 year later. Coincidence? I think not! Thank you Kevin for getting that b!tch out of my life!

iNtrigued (profile) says:

Kevin Smith is Awesome!

I mean, who else gets payed as much as him for just acting. He rarely says a word in any of his movies and when he does, its usually something deep & profound. What makes it even better is he gets to direct them too, who wouldn’t want that for their job?

He also married a “hot” Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, I use “hot” because she could kinda go both ways on that one………. and that should have been long enough to get that last part.

And to be honest, when I was younger I identified with him alot because I was a fairly quick adolescent and liked how he would only talk about, as I said before, deep & profound topics or atleast present it as such.

I also have to admit I didn’t realize he had a podcast, its actually been a while since I have followed up on him. I’m more than a little rusty on what he has been up to these days. I’m definitely gonna check out his podcast and of course… a copy of his book would be bad either *wink wink.

iNtrigued (profile) says:

Re: Kevin Smith is Awesome!

Some thoughts on some quotes from Kevin.

“How lame do you have to be to spend your time like that on the Internet? Can’t you do something more constructive, like surf the porn? Or go into the real world and interact with people rather than cyber-sniping.”

– Found this one to be really funny commentary on some of the posters here; just hope I don’t fall into this category, yikes.

“Each flick I`ve done is kind of a snapshot of where I was in my life when I wrote it; `Clerks II` really speaks to where I am in life at the moment. You don`t have to be an analyst to look at the movie and go, `The Quick Stop means a little more than the Quick Stop, and Florida represents something more than just going to Florida.` That`s kind of where I am. There`s definitely something bittersweet about arriving at `Clerks II.”

– I feel that this is also true for everybody who really enjoyed Clerks when they were younger; just thinking about where you were in your life when you first saw it compared to when you saw Clerks II. For me, when Clerks first came out I was only in about 3rd grade, so the first time I saw Clerks wasn’t probably a good 6 years after it came out. But even from then until I saw Clerks II, I am happy with where I am but still look back and think, damn those were some good times. Which I guess is the bittersweetness he is referring to in arriving at Clerks II.

Luke (user link) says:

Kevin Smith killed my podcast

I have a comedy podcast that has always struggled to find listeners. Didn’t listen to SModcast for a long time, even though I’m a big Kevin Smith fan, because I was a podcast purist who thought famous people should leave it the hell alone and give ME a chance, dammit!

I finally listened upon my douchebag cousin’s insistence. I laughed, hard.

Haven’t recorded a podcast since. But I’m almost caught up on SMod.

Fletch says:

Kevin Smith story

A Kevin Smith story. Well as it happens I am told all to often I have more then a passing resemblance to him. I also happen to live in Jersey near where he is from so it makes it all the worse. But it has come in handy once or twice. The best time being when my wife and I went shopping. I was in no mood to go so I threw on a baseball hat (backwards of course) and a beat up old hockey shirt. So we’re walking around the store looking for lamps for the house and people keep pointing and whispering at us. I figure it must be my sloppy appearance and think of the multitude of reasons why people suck. Finally we choose some lamps and make our way to the cashier. Now the cashier begins to stare at me and is barely paying attention as she rings me up. She is fumbling around and I am rather confused until finally she asks breathlessly if I am Kevin Smith. I smile and shake my head no, but this only increases her believe and she now tells me I am indeed Kevin Smith. I tell her once again I am not, but she will have none of it. So at this point I try and ignore her and just get my new lamps. Now thoroughly convinced she begins to call me Kevin and ask for my autograph. I decline as my wife is now yanking my arm and we are walking away from the small crowd forming. When we get outside my wife is laughing and I tell her I don’t think its funny. She smiles back at me and says. “It might not be funny but she was so busy thinking you were Kevin Smith she never rang up the lamps.” So this wouldn’t be the first time Kevin Smith got me something for free. Thanks, Kev.

Peet McKimmie (profile) says:

Not worth a book, but...

It was really amusing to watch him squirm recently when he was being interviewed by Katherine Curtis on “Naked News”. He stood up through the whole interview wearing an ankle-length coat, under what I assume were *very* hot lights, while trying to maintain eye contact with her and not let his gaze drift downwards. Priceless.

TriZz (profile) says:

Kevin Smith Story

So, I’m hanging out with this girl. I’m 19 years old. We’re watching Dogma at the matinee.

During the movie, our body language is shifting. We’re growing a bit closer. I reach my hand out, and she put her hand in mine.

…eventually, we kiss!

Now, almost 10 years later…I’m still with the girl (getting married next summer).

Kevin Smith will always hold a special place in my life…book or no book.

Chuck Keilberg says:

My Story to win a free book.

This is the story of how I met Kevin Smith, and how amazing it was.

I had the best night ever tonight. As you probably know, I am a huge Kevin Smith fan. Those of you who share my affinity, probably know about his new movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno (opening October 31st). And if you keep up on any news from the Smith camp, you know that Kevin was planning to do the very first test screening “somewhere in the midwest” this week. On Tuesday to be exact. Well, a few days ago the wonderful and beautiful Destiny emailed me, and said “I’ve got tickets to a screening of [you guessed it] Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and if you can make it up you’re welcome to come along.” As you might have guessed, I was fucking stoked. I emailed back immediately and told her yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I will be there.

So, that’s part one. I got to see Z&MMaP a full 5 and a half months before it comes out. Not only that, but this is the very first time an audience will see the movie. On to part two.

So, as we are sitting in the theater, waiting for the movie to start, I see Zak Knutson. The Donkey Fucker from Clerks II. So we talked about how cool that was. And then, a few moments later Harvey Fucking Weinstein, formerly of Miramax, currently with The Weinstein Company. The production house responsible for almost every Kevin Smith movie. Not to mention he is one of THE most important people in indy movies. So that was really fucking cool.

Now, an aside. When I heard about this test screening, I remembered hearing about the Test Screening process. Everyone watches the movie (with some minor differences than the final cut, mostly small edits and possible different soundtrack choices) and then afterwards everyone fills out what is basically a comment card. Asking what you thought of many different aspects of the movie. And after everyone has filled out their card, there are a few people who get chosen for a Focus Group, and the focus group goes and talks more directly about what they liked and didn’t like. And often times, this may include the director. On with the story.

So as we’re waiting, after we’ve seen Zak and Harvey, the guy next to us tells us that he saw Kevin in the back parking lot earlier. So now we’re super excited. Kevin is in the house. So we all want to get picked for the Focus Group. But alas, none of us do. So we leave. Or do we…

(A one paragraph cliffhanger? Who is this asshole?)

We go out to the hallway, and we kind of loiter, just to see who might come out. I was really hoping for a picture with Harvey. And as we’re waiting, we see first Uber Producer Scott Mosier, and just a few steps behind The Man himself, Kevin Smith. So we get even more excited. We decide we’re not leaving without saying hi.

So we decide that since he came in the backdoor, he’ll probably go out the same door. So we get in the van, and drive around the back of the theater. After we wait about 15-20 minutes, out they come. Kevin first. So we calmly walk over, and say hi. And after asking for an autograph, and a few pictures, we got to talk with him. He asked us what we thought of the flick, and we all dug it, so we told him so. We talked about how far we drove just to see the show. Discussed how good Seth Rogen was, and how good the cast was, and Mewes. Btw, when you see the movie, those are all his real tattoos. Who knew? And I pointed out that I noticed a funny little sign, and he laughed because he didn’t think anyone noticed. And we end up talking to him for like 15 minutes. And then I went over and asked Scott for an autograph and a picture, and he asked what I thought of the movie, and I told him I loved it. And we talked about how great all the new faces fit into the View Askew family. And after a picture, I went back over to find Jeremy telling Kevin about how he peed behind the bush. I leave that kid alone for 5 minutes…I swear to god. So we talk for a few more minutes with Kevin, and then Zak came over. And we talked to Zak for about 10 minutes and found out that they are doing another feature length Documentary on the making of Z&M so thats awesome. And after a picture with Zak, and yet another autograph, we left. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t been happier in a very long time.

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