UK IP Minister Defends Kicking People Off The Internet, As Rockstars Come Out Against It

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Despite the UK gov’t insisting recently that a policy of kicking file sharers off the internet was off the table, a nice dinner between UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson and Hollywood bigshot David Geffen created a sudden new interest in the subject, which quickly turned into it being right back on the table — creating massive complaints from just about everyone not associated with the RIAA or MPAA. Mandelson has tried to defend the idea, but his reasoning came up short, and demonstrated that he got his talking points direct from Hollywood and that he hasn’t actually spent much time actually understanding the issue at all.

But, it’s not just Mandelson in the gov’t pushing this now. The UK’s Intellectual Property Minister, David Lammy, got to hang around with the MPAA and gave a speech “defending” kicking people off of the internet. Now doesn’t that seem strange? It’s the MPAA that’s among those pushing for such a plan in the first place. So, Lammy is preaching to the choir. Why not “defend” the plan in front of actual consumers or ISPs or musicians who are up in arms about this idea? You don’t “defend” the idea to the people who already want it and who were already wining and dining you to get it back on the table after you’d taken it off.

And, yes, I said musicians who are up in arms about this — and not just small indie musicians either. Michael Geist notes that folks like Paul McCartney and Elton John have come out against the proposal as well. So, ISPs think it’s terrible. Music fans think it’s terrible. Musicians think it’s terrible. Who’s left? Oh, just some dying industries who have done everything possible not to innovate for a decade. But they sure do spend money on lobbyists.

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Comments on “UK IP Minister Defends Kicking People Off The Internet, As Rockstars Come Out Against It”

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Hephaestus (profile) says:

Preaching to the Choir ....

“You don’t “defend” the idea to the people who already want it and who were already wining and dining you to get it back on the table after you’d taken it off.”

With people that can’t believe and deny their (insert any word here world, business, etc) is coming to an end they’re not likely to stray from what they know and stick with people in their comfort zone. This of course creates problems that continue to recycle; if people can’t get involved with people who have healthy behaviors and coping skills, then the problems continue….. That is until the entire system comes crashing down….

Joseph Young says:

Bogus Statistics

It also turns out that the baseline statistics for UK file-sharing are seriously flawed. See, How UK Government spun 136 people into 7m illegal file sharers. Not especially newsworthy, I know. This has been the case for every other major country for which similar statistics have been produced.

In other, unrelated UK copyright news, I think we have a journalistic full-house. The story Teenage graffiti artist accused of stealing ‘£500,000 box of pencils’ in feud with Damien Hirst has everything. A stand-out feature for me is that, given current legislation, a sample of the father’s full DNA will be kept until his one hundredth birthday, because he might have, although apparently didn’t, know where a box of pencils might have been.

GJ (profile) says:

Re: Bogus Statistics

This DNA thing got me thinking about filing my DNA with the patent office. If someone wants to get a sample of it, we can then negotiate a licensing deal.

As an added benefit, I can then sue my children later on in life for using this patented material.

You know… just in case they end up making a lot of money. I should get some of that.


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