Consumer Advocates In Germany Helping Those Accused Of File Sharing

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It looks like the concerns over copyright holders taking advantage of people online in Germany by doing things like sending threatening letters based on weak evidence, or even putting up their own files to try to find file sharers is worrying some consumer advocates. A consumer advocacy group in the country is now promising to help those who get such pre-settlement letters to respond to them while protecting their rights. It’s good to see more people recognizing that at least some of these organizations appear to be taking advantage of the ability to send legalistic letters.

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Comments on “Consumer Advocates In Germany Helping Those Accused Of File Sharing”

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Ben (profile) says:


So, if I put a dollar on the street and attach a sign that says take me. Then I go and hide behind a park bench with a camera to see who complies and take pictures. I get sued for privacy infringement.
If I, however; do the same thing online, I can sue them instead for taking what I offered? I can see it now, every free offering from M$ is now going to cost you a lawsuit. Now you can be sued for doing you updates, they are copy-protected and you forgot to call first to ask if you can do them today or not. How dare you download for free. Even though they tell you it is free. They, of course, being the people who hold the copyright. Draconian or not surely we have not fell this far.

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