Our Litigious Society: Woman Sues Daughter-in-Law Comedian Over Jokes

from the no-laughing-matter? dept

In-law jokes are a pretty standard staple of the standup comedy business. They can be pretty funny too… even if the concept is a bit dated. But, apparently, they’re not so funny to the in-laws of comedian Sunda Croonquist. ChurchHatesTucker alerts us to the news that Croonquist’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law are suing the comedian for cracking rather typical “in-law” jokes, which, apparently the in-laws didn’t find to be all that funny. They’re suing for defamation, even though you have to wonder if anyone actually takes such jokes seriously. I mean, it’s a comedian. Of course the jokes are either made up or exaggerated for comedic effect. Still, probably makes for a frosty family gathering.

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Comments on “Our Litigious Society: Woman Sues Daughter-in-Law Comedian Over Jokes”

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bigpicture says:

Re: Crazy Stupid

I guess some people just do not think their actions through. There can be many possible outcomes of this line of action, and as far as I can see all of them are downsides.

Hubby’s law firm wins the case and there are conflict of interest issues leading to possible disbarment?

Hubby’s law firm looses the case and there is a subsequent divorce.

The mother usually gets the house and custody of the kids, and then how often is the in-laws going to get to see them?

What if she has Swedish citizenship and relatives in Sweden and decides to move there? There is no win-win anywhere in this, not even a win-loose, just a loose-loose.

Comboman says:


The comedian’s husband (the guy who’s mother is suing her) works for the law firm that’s defending her. I smell a rat! Seems like a scheme to generate legal fees and boost the comedian’s profile. Everyone involved should be fined for wasting the court’s time. If you follow the money, it usually leads to a lawyer.

Anonymous Coward says:

I thought defamation was more along the lines of actually using their names and whatever being said about then has some sort of impact on them getting a job or hurting a company or some such. But I guess defamation now is just somebody saying something remotely about you in some oddball way you don’t like.
I now wanna know who these people are where as before I doubt anybody gave a shit.

Anonymous Coward says:

The defendant (the comic) is a black Swedish woman who married into a Jewish family, and some of her mother-in-law jokes are hilarious.

“So you know there was drama when we got the sonogram results cause she was real excited. ‘OK, now that we know you’re having a little girl I want to know what you’re naming that little tchotchke. Now I realize there’s a difference in the background with the African-American, colored, black, whatever you people call yourselves these days. Seriously, I just don’t want a name that’s difficult to pronounce like Shaniqua. Because in my mind I’m thinking of a name short but delicious. Like Hadassah or Goldie.'”

“Another in her routine goes: ‘I’m a black woman with a Jewish mother-in-law. You know the only thing we have in common is that we don’t want to get our hair wet.'”

“Or her first visit to her mother-in-law’s house: “I walk in, I say, ‘Thank you so much for having me here, Ruthie.’ She says, ‘The pleasure’s all mine, have a seat.'” Then, in a loud aside, ‘Harriet, put my pocketbook away.'”

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