Filmmakers Using Tiered Support Levels And Fan Support As Well

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I have to admit, these days, we’re getting overwhelmed with people submitting really cool, unique and fun business models being done by various creative folks. I simply can’t post all of them, but will try to dip in and post a few examples here and there. Scott Walker points us to some info on a “crowd-sourced” film called Artemis Eternal, where they’re offering various tiers of support — similar to what we’ve seen with Josh Freese, Jill Sobule and others. But, since this is a movie, rather than music, the things you can get are even more integrated into the movie — such as the ability to appear in the movie itself, including the marketing of the movie (being on a billboard for a month in LA) among other things. Of course, with something like this, you’d have to imagine there’s a risk that the movie never actually gets completed, so it’s a bit more difficult to pull it off. But, still, should be a model worth watching to see what happens.

Also in the movie space, Joshua Jones sent in (a while back now, sorry) the fact that the folks behind the movie Visioneers took a different sort of approach as well. Rather than freaking out about “piracy” or people watching the movie in their homes, they realized that obscurity was a much bigger problem than “piracy.” So they asked people to host their own screenings — and even said it was fine for you to charge people to attend. Oh, and if you sent in photos of the screening, you had a chance to win a contest. Again, this isn’t a huge step, but it is a neat little promotion, showing that there are unique ways to get some additional attention for your creative efforts, and have the fans help you in the process.

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Comments on “Filmmakers Using Tiered Support Levels And Fan Support As Well”

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Anonymous Coward says:

When artistic decisions about a movie are made not on the basis of what is right for the movie and made on the basis of who is willing to pay to be in it, it seems a little bit like a losing battle. The idea should be to make the best film possible. Compromise the product, and all the gorilla marketing in the world won’t help if the movie isn’t as good as it could be.

Ernst Kaufmann says:

Mike – can you start a database (or simply even a page with a list) of all these responses?
It could serve as a repository of all those that have managed to use non-scarce goods to sell scarce goods/services.
This could serve as 1. an inspiration (or contact points) for others seeking to do the same 2. a demonstration to nay-sayers that this is a viable model – and that not everyone has to “sell t-shirts.”

EEJ (profile) says:


I clicked on the link labelled “appear in the movie itself” which leads to and was redirected to some gobbledygook site (gkhgkjd or something) and received a “you’re infected with spyware” pop-up that tried to run a “virus scan” and then got trojan horse warnings from my antivirus.

Can someone check this out and see what the deal is???

@JSto says:


Hi, I’m the filmmaker behind ARTEMIS. You cannot pay to be in the film, sorry. I fully agree that that would be ridiculous. CRIMSON (the billboard initiative) is an ancillary project related to the WINGMEN community approach to the film, not the film itself. Artistically, when it comes to the film, we are purists and the film is not technically crowd-sourced but crowd-funded under a certain ethos. Feel free to, you know, like, check out the details of the project before you actually comment. And stuff. 😉

As for the Spyware warning, our hosts did a scan as did we. There’s no spyware on JSDC or otherwise/everything is safe. They are addressing the issue of the warning. Apologies for the confusion. Rest assured that sorting out the issue is driving me crazy and wasting much of my time.

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