If Your Computer Detects You Laughing At This Patent Drawing, You May Have Infringed On The Patent

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ChurchHatesTucker alerts us to the news that Sony has applied for a patent on an emotion detection device that could, for example, recognize when someone viewing a television or playing a video game is laughing. I don’t have much of an opinion one way or another on the actual patent application, but (like others on the original article about this) did find the patent drawing to be rather amusing:

Of course, if you laugh at that, and your computer detects it, you may be infringing. So… be careful.

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Comments on “If Your Computer Detects You Laughing At This Patent Drawing, You May Have Infringed On The Patent”

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TheStupidOne says:

Re: Re:

No, YOU put it there by buying the new PS4. You need it because with it you can play your favorite games in 3D 10800p (on the new Ultra-High-Definition Sony TV of course)

The user manual clearly describes how the camera system works and by using the PS4 you OBVIOUSLY agree to the terms of use.

Ron (profile) says:

No Worries

Per the drawing, the patent would only apply to watching a cartoon character having someting rather odd done to its bottom. And, only while watching said cartoon character on a Sony Bravia connected to a Playstation. All whilest sitting on a funky armchair.
Did Sony really submit that cartoon with the application?
How does the equipment know you’re laughing at something on the TV as opposed to something someone else in the room said or did?

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

You're all missing the point

If you do not see the in that diagram a clear representation of how international corporations like Sony see the general public, and the implied insult within, then I’m a little dissapointed in the Tech Dirt community.

Why is that thoughtless cattle on the couch laughing at an idiotic picture of a guy operating a machine that paddles himself on the television? And more importantly, what does that say about how corporate executives view the perceived intellectual chasm between themselves and their customers, and the general public.

Enrico Suarve says:

Re: You're all missing the point

No need to take offence – I work with several pointy haired bosses

‘Man paddles self with machine’ is highly likely to be the very height of their humour, it’s probably considered a seminal moment in hilarity in most board rooms worldwide

So they aren’t necessarily intending to paint you all as humourless idiots, they are probably just blissfully aware of their own status. There is indeed a chasm but it’s not necessarily in their minds (actually that’s exactly where it is but you get the idea)

diabolic (profile) says:

A system that detects the emotions of an observer of the system seems novel to me. Though I do not want it in my house.

How is laughing at the picture a possible infringment?

Its not patent on laughing its a patent on detecting laughing. So you would only be infringing if you build one just like it. If you build one with some other kinds of sensors and/or different processing of the inputs and that would be unique and patentable too.

That is some of the most amusing patent art I have ever seen.

Glaze (profile) says:

Its all about the game...

Ok I think a lot of people here missed the point of the motion device. Its not an invasion of privacy… it is specifically for gaming, they aren’t going to be allowing this information to be sent back to sony for obvious reasons legal reasons… but both Sony and Microsoft are in the planning stages of releasing the next big system… both of which incorporate motion sensitive controlers. Say you are playing the latest SoCom game, to duck and fire and rally your troops you would have to say it, actually get down on your belly and pull some fake trigger. I hope this clears this stuff up for those of you are are running and screaming invasion of privacy.

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Its all about the game...

Sony’s motion controller are those wands with the lit balls at the ends announced at E3.

As for the emotion software being an invasion of privacy, you still have to buy the camera first, then plug it in, and use it with something that’s programed to use it.

When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a new addon for the PS3. “Tired of getting your but kicked online? Now do it yourself offline.”

... says:

Re: Its all about the game...

“both Sony and Microsoft are in the planning stages of releasing the next big system”

Will MS have a 50% failure rate?
Will Sony incorporate spy cameras and microphones ?
Will either one of them incorporate antitamper devices ?
What is the best way to disable such intrusive equipment ?

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