Looks Like The Guy Who Set The Record For Largest Credit Card Breach Was Breaking His Own Record

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Back in January, we noted that it looked like there might be a new winner in the battle to see who was responsible for the largest ever credit card breach. Until that time, the honor had gone to a series of department stores owned by TJX (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.). That involved info on 94 million credit card holders. Not bad. But the newer deal, involving Heartland Payment Systems appeared to effect well over 100 million. Now, you may have seen the news reports this week that have upped that total to 130 million, as part of the announcement of indictments against three individuals for illegally accessing the data. But, what’s fascinating is that the one guy in custody, Albert Gonzalez, was already in custody for his role in the TJX hack (along with some other retailers). Oh, and there’s also the tidbit about how he was a government informant, handing over info on (you guessed it) the underworld involved in stolen credit card numbers.

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Comments on “Looks Like The Guy Who Set The Record For Largest Credit Card Breach Was Breaking His Own Record”

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AW says:

How did this guy...

Why are we letting this guy near an internet connection. They had this figured out in “Hackers”. Can we say douchebagery. I say we punish him by making him watch a nonstop loop of VIP, 90210, Guiding Light and Barney. Give him a nutrition drip,a way to evacuate his wastes and a way to make sure his eyes don’t close. Cruel? No more than a parent has to go through. Uunusual. I think you can repeat my previous defense.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“How’s your novel coming by the way?”

Hey, thanks for asking! It’s always nice to know I’ve made an impression that’s remembered!

In any case, since you’re a fan, I’ll give you an update: Baen takes 9-12 months to issue their acceptance/rejection. They’re the 1st publishing house I sent it to.

And nice catch on the homonym. You’re really good at that. Can I hire you as my editor?

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