New French Culture Minister: Wish I Was Pirated More, Using Two ISPs To Avoid Getting Cut Off

from the um,-wow dept

Didn’t expect this one. With France pushing forward yet again with a three strikes law, Laurent GUERBY points us to the news that France’s new culture minister, Fredic Mitterand has said that he wished he was downloaded more often (translated by Google from French — Updated to fix poor original translation — thanks Laurent!) and that he got two internet connections, just in case he got cut off by a three strikes law. He also admits that his son downloads unauthorized content often. That’s probably not what the entertainment industry wanted to hear.

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Comments on “New French Culture Minister: Wish I Was Pirated More, Using Two ISPs To Avoid Getting Cut Off”

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Laurent GUERBY (profile) says:


Original french quote:
“Il m’arrive parfois d’être téléchargé illégalement, pas suffisamment à mon grand regret”,

The following report is not correct:
“he wished he downloaded more unauthorized content”

Something more in line:
“he wished people downloaded his works illegally more often”

A tentative translation of the quote:
“I’m sometimes downloaded illegally, but not often enough much to my regret”

The direct form “I’m downloaded” is a reference to Carla Bruni answer to a question on this topic, she said she liked “to be teleported” :).

robin (profile) says:

Re: Translation

the newspaper also said, very tongue in cheek (after the minister explained how he deals with his son who downloads stuff: he has two different subscriptions with two different providers):

“On ne l’avait pas compris, mais la suspension de l’accès à Internet est en fait une manière de vendre le double d’abonnements à Internet. Il est fort ce Sarkozy…”

Guess we never figured it out, but a three strikes and your off regime is actually a way to double the sales of internet subscriptions. Sneaky Sarkozy…

Anonymous Coward says:

Thanks Laurent! I wanted to point that out but my french is not that good and I wasn’t sure.

The killer is when he says his son downloads a lot and he’s asked if he isn’t afraid to be charged with “characterized negligence”. He answers: “I have 2 connections”.

Even if reporting on a Google translation is weird, I still find this report news worthy. And I like this new minister. He seems to understand the advantages of being pirated, even if he puts it as a joke.

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