Appeals Court Punts On The Constitutionality Of Copyright Royalty Board

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While much of the focus on royalty rates has focused on the settlement between webcasters and SoundExchange, in a separate issue, an appeals court has sided with the Copyright Royalty Board in the rates it set for satellite radio (SoundExchange wanted the rates to be even higher, of course). The court found no reason to rule against the CRB, finding no evidence that the rates were “arbitrary, capricious, or unsupported by substantial evidence.” But, perhaps drawing more focus was that, in this case, there were some side questions about the very legitimacy of the Copyright Royalty Board itself. This is due to a recognition (first in the patent space) that some of these appointments appear to violate the appointments clause of the Constitution.

While I do have serious questions about the legitimacy of the CRB, it’s got a lot less to do with the appointments clause, and a lot more to do with the question of why judges are setting universal royalty rates in an industry, rather than letting the market set the rate — especially when the CRB judges often do not appear to be particularly internet literate. So the whole appointments issue seems like a side show. Even if a court were to find that the CRB violates the appointments clause, I’m sure a hasty solution would be worked out, whereby those allowed to make appointments (the president or heads of cabinet-level departments) would simply rubber stamp the appointments.

Either way… it doesn’t seem to matter just yet. In ruling on the latest case, basically the issue was punted, saying that the matter wasn’t raised in a timely manner, and therefore the question will be ignored for now.

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