California Promises No Sales Tax Due To Affiliates To Keep Amazon/Overstock Affiliates Happy

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In the last few weeks we’ve seen companies like Amazon drop affiliates in a bunch of different states, due to proposals in cash-strapped state legislatures to force the online retailers to collect sales tax even if there are only affiliates in that state. Apparently, California politicians put forth a similar proposal, and following threats from Overstock to drop its local affiliates, Governor Schwarzenegger has promised that no such bill will pass (thanks Eric Goldman). It seems that the willingness for these online retailers to cut off affiliates (and the anger that creates among those affiliates) caught the attention of at least someone with power in California.

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Comments on “California Promises No Sales Tax Due To Affiliates To Keep Amazon/Overstock Affiliates Happy”

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Anonymous Coward says:


I had no idea that my state leaders had any idea about anything going on beyond Sacramento. What is this feeling I’m experiencing? Is this a twinge of hope that maybe there exist political leaders who aren’t completely oblivious?

Nope, just heartburn….

But I’m glad the state hasn’t become so desperate for money as to defy common sense (affiliates = employees?)…. or defy it again, at any rate.
Maybe that feeling is a small twinge of hope after all?

Anonymous Coward says:

Another reason CA has a huge deficit . . .

CA is so desperate for money, that they fined me $250 after 25 years in business, with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, saying my type of business must pay $165 per year, to register with them. Even though they don’t require any test, to prove we know anything about our business! And all of the money they collect for it, just goes to support this bogus department!

Tell us how you’ve have been screwed by CA too.

Jamie says:

Taxing Employment

California loves to tax employment. From the 1.5% payroll tax in SF (pretty much the most insane business tax in the world, why would you tax businesses more for hiring people?) to extremely high income and sales taxes that drive up wages California is pretty much the worst place to start a company. I wish we could pick up Silicon Valley and move it to Nevada, we would all be so much better off.

John Doe says:

Re: Taxing Employment

It is funny to see Californians complaining. Don’t you realized that California is going to be the model for our new Socialist government? Never mind that it is failing miserably, we will rush headlong into a national version and we will fail even more miserably. It is a sad time for our country.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Taxing Employment

You can thank Ronald Reagan and Howard Jarvis for creating the current mess. Without them, we might have a pay-as-you-go-system in CA. As for the nation, once again you can thank the greed creed of the Republicans and the spineless duplicity and complicity of the Democrats for our present bankruptcy. Long live Oligarchy!

PPNSteve (profile) says:

Another reason CA has a huge deficit . . .

Well I run my business from California too.. its really not that bad, really! We get paid in IOU’s with a whopping 3% interest.. our base rate for (good) credit clients is 12%


BTW, would you take this IOU instead of cash for my payment?

The Governator has to deal with these bought and paid for idiots in the legislature

OT: I’m all for this no tax as we also affiliate sell thru amazon (and others) on some of our sites.

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