Football Player Threatens To Sue Impostor On Twitter

from the at-least-he's-going-after-the-right-target dept

When Tony La Russa sued Twitter because there was a user impersonating him on the site (though, clearly labeled as being fake), we pointed out that La Russa was targeting the wrong party. At first we were afraid the same thing was happening when Digg was running a headline that Miami Dolphins’ player Davone Bess was going to sue Twitter over an impostor. Fortunately, it looks like whoever wrote the Digg headline got it wrong. The original story suggests that Bess isn’t going to sue Twitter, but whoever set up the fake Twitter account. Of course, even that is probably pretty pointless. Why not just alert Twitter, have the account disabled and be done with it?

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Comments on “Football Player Threatens To Sue Impostor On Twitter”

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TriZz (profile) says:

Good luck!

The Internet is built on anonymity. He’d need a court order to get the IP address of the current account holder, and as we’ve seen, IP addresses are not the end all/be all of identifying people online.

PLUS! Creating false users accounts might be against the Twitter TOS but is not necessarily against the law. The court order would have to be issued once harm or law breaking has been established.

Who knows though? Perhaps Devone Bess has a trademark filed for his name…but it’s doubtful.

But I’m not a lawyer. So, I could be entirely wrong here (it wouldn’t be the first time).

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