ISPs And Entertainment Companies In Denmark Look To Set Up Piracy Review Board

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While the EU has repeatedly said that three strikes-type legislation is a violation of basic human rights, there is a loophole. It’s been said that it would be okay if there’s an independent board reviewing the cases to make sure it’s not just based on random accusations. That seems to have brought ISPs and the entertainment industry to the bargaining table in Denmark, where apparently they’re trying to hash out the details on some sort of “Pirate Review Board” whose job would be to manage these sorts of disputes. Similar attempts have gone nowhere to date — and the reports coming out of this one suggest the two sides are also far apart, with the entertainment firms trying to push the ISPs to take on more responsibility and expense.

That said, it’s worth noting who’s missing from all of these conversations: actual consumers. Effectively, the ISPs end up defending their customers here, but the interests may not be totally aligned. Now, some may say that “pirates” deserve no seat at the discussions, since they’re the ones “breaking the law.” But the concern is about those on the margin: those where fair use may apply or who aren’t causing any harm to the industry. The entertainment industry likes to automatically lump every “pirate” together into a single group, no matter how incorrect or misleading that may be. Someone should be standing up for legitimate consumer rights in the setup of these sorts of panels. ISPs, alone, may not be the best positioned to make sure consumers don’t get harmed by a “pirate” review board.

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Comments on “ISPs And Entertainment Companies In Denmark Look To Set Up Piracy Review Board”

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Michael Whitetail says:

“Someone should be standing up for legitimate consumer rights…”

Amen! Someone needs to be *allowed* to stand up to big business and say that we have rights, and you are not going to take them away.

But that exactly what has been happening. Big Content is ripping our rights away through bogus legislation, paid-for Judicial precident, and outright propaganda campaigns.

Someone needs to be allowed to step up and defend us because non of the involved parties (ISP’s, MP’s, or Big Business) have any interest in what we-the-people have to say.

PaulT (profile) says:

That’s only half the point. The other point, of course, is that not all consumers are “pirates”. We’ve seen numerous times where the industry has attempted to prosecute perfectly innocent people or those who simply could not have committed infringement (think the laser printer or the woman long ago who was sued for using the Windows-only Kazaa on her Mac – in the days before dual booting Windows was possible on a Mac, etc.)

Since not every ISP has shown themselves willing to defend consumers against the content industry, consumers should have a voice that in some cases could place their livelihoods at risk to protect these idiots. Without it, perfectly innocent people could have their internet connections removed under false pretences.

Anonymous Coward says:

Date a Dane

Danes, true danes, anyways, usually have small, um thingies. Because of this, it’s easy to persuade their women into bed and be able to give better experience. They’re pretty nasty too. Maybe that’s because they expect needing to make up for something else…

When you’re done, tell her about how you learned what you needed to show them from a pirated version of a Ron Jeremy vid. She’ll totally understand the value of piracy and will attainmently be against the creation of a piracy review board.

Remember the $1.50 rule: Nickle, Dime, Dime, Quarter, Dollar.. You’ll be a winrar.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

No criminal should be allowed to defend themselves because that would just waste time. You are totally right. I’m now going to accuse you of pirating some of my copyrighted content and by your own rules you are unable to defend yourself so you will be going to jail or pay a ridiculous fine. Have a good day!

dunncha (profile) says:

There is such a thing as innocent until

Proven guilty.

When Big Business assumes everybody is guilty of breaching copyright and as such refuses to listen to what they say then we are in Big Trouble.

When the copyrights laws are so complex that not even so called experts can create a definitive definition what hope is there for Joe public?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: There is such a thing as innocent until

You only need a little while and a copy of torrent software to find people who are sharing their files. Innocent until proven guilty? When you stand on a street corner saying “Drugs, weed, $10” to everyone going by, don’t be shocked when people think you are a drug dealer, even if it hasn’t been proven in court yet.

Simple torrent port scan software would probably find tons of stolen material being traded on every ISP – we unfairly tilt the rules to protect the guilty, that is all.

CleverName says:

Due Process is a thing of the past

“it would be okay if there’s an independent board reviewing the cases to make sure it’s not just based on random accusations”

– like a court of law maybe ?

“The entertainment industry likes to automatically lump every “pirate” together into a single group,”

– that single group includes everyone because they like to call everyone a pirate, you don’t even need to own a computer or any recording device.

RD says:


“Good idea. Let’s invite the criminals to the table, so they can discuss how their acts aren’t crimes, just attempts to explorer freedom of speech.

Yup, that will really move the process along.”

I’m really glad scumbags like you didnt write our constitution or laws. Yes, lets not allow anyone to defend themselves or their viewpoint. After all, it worked in Nazi Germany.

F*cktard luddite.

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