Streisand To Publish An Entire Book Detailing The Malibu Home She Once Wanted To Keep Very, Very Secret

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Well, this is amusing. As you may know, a few years back, I coined the phrase “The Streisand Effect” to describe the situation where someone tries to force some content to be taken down, in an attempt to suppress it — but, in doing so, winds up driving much more attention to the content. The name came from a lawsuit filed in 2003 by Barbara Streisand against environmentalist/photographer Ken Adelman, who had been photographing the entire California coast from a helicopter in order to document coastal erosion. Of course, in trying to have her photo taken off of his site, it generated significantly more interest in that particular photograph. Streisand eventually lost the lawsuit and was even ordered to pay nearly $200,000 in legal fees.

Of course, since then, the phrase “The Streisand Effect” has become fairly popular and in common usage — and has been featured in Forbes, Associated Press articles and on NPR’s All Things Considered — and has even been translated into other languages. All because Streisand didn’t want a distant photo of her Malibu home on the internet.

Thus, it’s with some level of irony that we find out (thanks Stephen!) that Streisand is now putting together a book about the architecture of that very home including numerous photos of the home and property. Perhaps Ken Adelman should sue for helping her to realize that there was “demand” for photos of her Malibu home.

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Comments on “Streisand To Publish An Entire Book Detailing The Malibu Home She Once Wanted To Keep Very, Very Secret”

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PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

From Google:

“Results 1 – 10 of about 21,800 for “streisand effect”. (0.23 seconds)”

21,800 hits for a term, including a website named and mentions by mainstream news organisations on the first page. That counts as fairly popular, IMHO.

Which terms have you coined that other people use more?

Jim Rob Jones says:

The Masnick Effect

I’ll coin a phrase too “The Masnick Effect”. That’s when an idiot blogger writes posts trying to convince others of his own self importance. Seriously, did you give it half a thought before you ran this moronic post? You’re a tool Masnick. Wow you coined a psuedo-clever phrase. You’re amazing. Is that the whole point of this blog? For you to feel better about yourself? If that’s the case you have failed miserably. You should feel like a “Masnick”. Oh wait look at that I coined another phrase. Maybe Forbes will start using that one too. Keep up these “Masnick” posts and you’ll lose your audience entirely. You’ve been RIMMED! – Jim Rob.

Headbhang says:

Re: Re:

What a sad, bitter troll you are, Jim Rob.

By the way, your name sounds dorky, like the retarded character of a cheap soap opera. I would stick to James Robert if I had the misfortune of being you. It sounds more like someone who is more than a pathetic internet troll envious of people who have done something of at least some popularity.

Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Re: The Masnick Effect

I think the point is that you can coin whatever you want, but it probably won’t enter into common parlance.

Not to make a personal attack on you, because as we both know, that’s puerile, but any phrase you coin is unlikely to gain traction because your style of writing is not one conducive to getting common support.

You see, as a hater, you may find some success. We’ve seen it plenty in talk radio. But you also have to be witty, clever, fast on your feet, and make arguments that are decent at the top layer. Hate will only carry you so far.

another mike (profile) says:

Re: The Masnick Effect

Your search skills fail hard. There is already a Masnick Effect. It refers to industry incumbents who, when presented with a new business model that can save their industry, point out all sorts of meaningless exceptions for why it can’t work, only to be shown more models where it does. From the article linked above: “It only works for bands with established bases. Or bands that have no base, and nothing to lose. Or bands that have some fans, and are trying to attract more.”

theskyrider (profile) says:

The Jim Rob Jones Effect

What you call when a person’s skin starts turning various shades of green, the ears and nose grow to point, all the hair falls out, and they get a sudden sensitivity to sunlight and the urge to hide under bridges.

Hurry before the Troll Catchers (TM) come and get you.

Now that I’m done with that, I will just say congrats to Mike for coining a phrase that is in widespread usage. (I didn’t know you coined the phrase until now, so the kudos are well-deserved if not just because they were self-given.)

Anyways, do you think you should patent, trademark, or copyright the term so that you can extort Barbara for some dough? Just kidding.

I am glad that The Streisand Effect (P.P. TM (C)) took hold, I may not be a fan of her music, but I loved to see her house.

Since I am a stright person and probably will get says:

Barbara Streisand is all about money and JEWISH BULL SHIT!

If you are
work for a living
have a wife
sent your children to college
donated blood and is NOT HIV positive therefore killed nobody
served in the military

You are trash!!!
125,000 US citizens died in WWII 10% were Jews, 65,000 died in Vietnam 236 were JEWS what HAPPENED? They got smart and went to Hollywood
Even a tramp , shit looking cheap flicka like Barbara could make there.
Good for them, did I mention Grandma was Jewish? I avoided Nam…….although insisted on NOT being gay!

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