Guy Sues Guinness For Naming Him The Most Litigious Person In The World

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If you spend much time online reading about weird and wacky news, you’re probably already quite familiar with Jonathan Lee Riches, a guy who’s in prison for wire fraud, but whose real claim to fame is filing a ton of wacky pro se lawsuits. In fact, via Mathew Ingram, we find out that the Guinness Book of World Records has given JLR the world record for “most lawsuits filed,” which he celebrated by promptly filling a lawsuit against Guinness. He’s claiming that they’re going to print false info about the number of lawsuits he’s filed, though in the lawsuit itself, he seems quite proud of all the lawsuits he’s filed, stating:

“I’ve filed so many lawsuits with my pen and right hand that I got arthritis in my fingers, numbness in my wrists, crooked fingers… I flush out more lawsuits than a sewer.”

So you would think he’d be proud of getting the world record…

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Comments on “Guy Sues Guinness For Naming Him The Most Litigious Person In The World”

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VRP says:

Re: To Funny For Words

Not funny at all, but very poor reporting.
Judges routinely ban people from filing pro se lawsuits where such pltfs have a record of frivolous lawsuits. That he hasn’t been banned can only mean one thing — his suits aren’t frivolous.

Why are such details conspicuously omitted from the article?


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