Canadian Insurance Company Snooped On Jurors Insurance Claims During Trial

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We’ve seen it over and over again — when people have access to large databases of information, it’s almost impossible for them to resist the temptation to abuse the info. The latest example comes via Michael Scott, who points us to the news that the Insurance Corporation of B.C. (ICBC) was caught checking its own database to examine the claim histories of potential jurors in a trial in which the company was involved. Not surprisingly, this is a massive breach of Canadian privacy laws and also raises questions about the jury itself. The judge in the case is now trying to find out if ICBC has done this in other cases as well. ICBC seems to be bending over backwards to say this won’t happen again and that it’s put in place safeguards, but it’s not clear why it happened in the first place.

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Comments on “Canadian Insurance Company Snooped On Jurors Insurance Claims During Trial”

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NullOp says:

No Surprise...

Yep, when given the opportunity companies/governments/people will invariably snoop in the data. Its not a maybe, a possibly or perhaps. Its a sure thing. That is why people should be very concerned about entities holding large amounts of personal data. Especially governments and insurance companies. These groups in particular feel like they are exempt from any laws concerning privacy. The only real “cure” for it is prison for the offenders and perhaps the CEO. This problem is only growing worse as the data available grows. Don’t doubt your data will be snooped/analyzed at some point…

BB says:

Blackberries in the courtroom

I remember my first introduction to Blackberries – in court at the jury selection part of the trial. As the name of the prospective juror was announced there was a flurry of blackberry activity, and before the prospect was sworn in, a complete background check was completed and presented to the attorney’s own blackberries…

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