Canadian Parliament Threatens People For Posting Video Of Proceedings Online

from the how-dare-you-want-transparency dept

It would appear that the Canadian Parliament is no big fan of transparency. When some activists started posting video and audio of various Parliamentary committee proceedings online, in order to both increase transparency and to comment on those proceedings, lawyers apparently sent them a cease and desist, claiming it was “contempt of Parliament.” They’ve also been sending takedowns to YouTube and other video hosting sites, claiming that this content is somehow proprietary, covered by “crown copyright” (something, thankfully, we don’t have in the US) and subject to severe licensing restrictions. While it sounds like some Canadian politicians recognize the need to change, in the meantime, they’re making a travesty of any sense of governmental openness.

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Comments on “Canadian Parliament Threatens People For Posting Video Of Proceedings Online”

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Kanadanishuck says:

Re: fatcat

JFYI, The Canadian Parliament is the top court in the Great White North, it is superior to and superceeds the Canadian Supreme Court! It can and does have the power to reverse Supreme Court decisions, and can cite citizens for contemp of Parliament. That previous last case was fined and spent 6 months incarcerated, but the most recent case was the RCMP Deputy Comm. Busson, who was cited but left unsanctioned for less than truthful testimony before a House of Commons Committee. She may have suffered some loss of pension and other privileges. Had this not been a minority Parliament, there may have been a different outcome.
Regards the other commentor’s remarks, it would be appropriate they know more of the in depth details and dogma before missing the mark with remarks!

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