Reddit Community Discovers Phone Numbers To Reach Car Warranty Telemarketers…

from the poetic-justice? dept

Pretty much everyone is getting those telemarketing scam car warranty calls these days. They’re the ones that start out “this is the second warning that the factory warranty on your car is about to expire….” Of course, it’s not the second warning (in some cases it’s the 100th) and it doesn’t matter if your car warranty is about to expire or even if you own a car. They just call everyone. Last summer, the FTC announced that (partly in response to those calls), all prerecorded telemarketing calls were banned. But, considering these guys are scammers, that wasn’t going to stop them. It looks like the folks over at Reddit got fed up and social engineered the phone numbers of the company out of a rep, and then the community just started calling repeatedly, overwhelming the company’s phone lines. Of course, while it certainly has that poetic justice feel to it, it won’t stop them. They’ll change their phone number and get right back to it. What’s not clear is why the Reddit folks could track down who was responsible while the FTC has been unable to do so…

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Comments on “Reddit Community Discovers Phone Numbers To Reach Car Warranty Telemarketers…”

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PhilD says:

I'd say it's pretty clear why,

I’d say it’s pretty clear why,
Some people actually CARE and others actually don’t.

To the FTC this was just a pile of paper reports to ignore. To the people getting the calls it became a HUGE annoyance.

FYI I was at peak getting 3 to 5 calls a day from those scammers on just one of my lines.

John Doe says:

The difference between Reddit and the feds are Reddit was actually looking for them. The feds don’t care.

Case in point, my brother had his identity jacked. They got a car repair at Sears in his name among other things. Shops always write down the owners name and tag number. All the cops had to do was go to Sears, get the tag, run it and bust the guy. Did they do it? Nope.

Paul Brinker (profile) says:

John Doe

One step further, say your Iphone gets stolen, you put a automated security program that sends its GPS, maps its location and has a 15 digit code hard coded in that you have a recept for.

Guess what, when given a map (by GPS), proof of ownership (from you and your cell phone company) and a computer program pinging your email the cops still wont arrest the guy because the iphone is just worth so little (in the eyes of the law).

My question is given how connected we are, and the volume of the calls why cant thay backtrack via the tel co? I mean unless the system is routing around the world several times its not like there unfindable.

Jeff (profile) says:

Obviously somebody, somewhere, actually responded to one of these scams. Telemarketers and scammers in particular are *extremely* efficient at winnowing out the techniques that don’t work from those that do (parting you from your money). Sooo somebody with the brains of a flea, actually responded to one of their come-ons. I would bet this operation is being conducted from overseas…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: caller id

Exactly. Who the hell picks up a call from the number “unknown” or whatever it may show up as. And even if you do, the moment there is a delay, I hang up. If what your calling about isn’t important enough for you to dial the phone yourself/not have a machine talk in my ear then I don’t need to stay on the phone to hear anything said.

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