How Susan Boyle's YouTube Star Turn Is Helping Revive Interest In Les Mis

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As the recording industry continues to freak out about videos on YouTube without compensation, the whole media sensation Susan Boyle phenomenon is showing how such videos on YouTube clearly act as promotion for the music. Paul Kedrosky notes that Boyle’s now famous rendition of a song from Les Miserables has shot the Les Mis CD up from a rank of 1,000 to 32 on Amazon’s sales charts, while Mathew Ingram notes that tickets for the live performance of Les Mis have also skyrocketed. And the recording industry still claims that Google is somehow “exploiting” music while giving it all this promotion? Rob Hyndman chimes in, wondering just how many DMCA notices prevented similar results elsewhere. Indeed.

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Comments on “How Susan Boyle's YouTube Star Turn Is Helping Revive Interest In Les Mis”

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Brian O says:

Re: Re: Re:

“That’s a dangerous comparisson to make these days, since the RIAA is trying to kill radio by heaping on new fees. It’s “only fair,” since no one would listen to radio without the music.”

This is a lie. The fact is that the radio/RIAA relationship is WIN WIN. Without radio, people wouldn’t know about the music (it serves as a promotional tool). Without the artists, music radio would have no content.

The radio station can make money from advertisers, RIAA makes money from the increased sales. In fact, I believe RIAA and others used to or still do PAY radio stations to play their music.

Is there some balance between paying the radio stations or having the radio stations pay to play the music? I don’t know! (and I don’t care). Leave that to them but OBVIOUSLY if RIAA charges radio too much for their music, the radio stations will be hurt and in the end it will also hurt RIAA.

But, isn’t that what RIAA is trying to do? (suicide)

Dee Dee Vaccaro says:

Susan Boyle

Susan has the most angelic voice I have ever heard. I am so glad that the whole world has heard an ordinary person and the talent that they have with no training, no funds to futher their talent. She is extraordinary and she brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch the video. We are so hasty to make decisions about people according to their looks, style, and what they can afford. I am so glad that the world has heard her, and If I ever met her It would be an honor.

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