Utah Senate President Looks To Sue Jack Thompson For Continual Spam

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Disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson, made famous for never missing an opportunity to blame violent video games for any sort of violent activity (despite a near total lack of evidence to support this), has focused his post-lawyer life on trying to get states to pass anti-violent video game laws. Of course, this has been a tough slog. Utah appeared to be his only hope, but even that state eventually vetoed the bill, noting that it didn’t make much sense. Thompson, who is known as a prolific emailer, has apparently been emailing Utah politicians quite a bit since this decision came down, and now the President of the Utah Senate (who supported the Thompson’s bill) is threatening to go after Thompson using CAN SPAM anti-spam laws, telling Thompson:

I asked you before to remove me from your mailing list. I supported your bill but because of the harassment will not again. If I am not removed I will turn you over to the AG for legal action.

Can’t wait to see Thompson claim that this is all part of the conspiracy of video game fans against him. Clearly, the video gamers have somehow brainwashed the President of the Utah Senate…

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Comments on “Utah Senate President Looks To Sue Jack Thompson For Continual Spam”

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Kevin says:

Public official?

If you’re a public official, aren’t you required to hear what people have to say? Can you legally tell someone who has an issue that they want the government to consider that they’re not allowed to bring it to your attention? Most sane people certainly wouldn’t spam, harrass, and harrangue the legislators that they are seeking assistance from, but Thompson doesn’t necessarily fit that MO.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Public official?

Yes, provided the individual in question is a member of your constituency. Thus, the members of the Utah legislature are expected to listen to the views of residents of Utah.

Jack Thompson, as far as I know, lives in Florida. The Utah senate doesn’t have to give a crap about anything he says.

Andrew Fitzgerald (user link) says:

Re: Public official?

I don’t know about any public servant requirements, but from the 2nd article linked I don’t really see how this would fall under the act…

“e-mail whose primary advertisement purpose is advertising or promoting a commercial product or service,”

Political lobbying doesn’t seem like it would fall into those categories


Re: Public official?

Jack Thompson is not, nor has he ever lived in the state of Utah. Second, this is typical Jack Thompson and it’s similar to one of the many things he was found guilty of in his disbarment trial. I’m not sure how familiar you are with him but trust me, there’s no level low enough that he won’t stoop.

JustMe says:


A) But this is a state issue. Last I knew Mr. Thompson isn’t a resident of Utah.

B) Also, no, they aren’t ‘required’ to hear what people have to say. You can’t send offensive or threatening letters to a public official, even if they may fall under your right of free speech. You want to talk to an official you attend public forums or make an appointment. Carpet bombing their mailbox is an abuse.

C) Yeah, I think Anonymous12 is Jack, too.

IMHO, IANAL, I am also not a public servant.

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