Great Moments In AP Protectionism: Demands Takedown Of Videos It Purposely Shared With Affiliate

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A bunch of folks are submitting the latest and greatest in the Associated Press’s attempt to become the RIAA of news. The AP, smartly, has a YouTube channel, where it puts up a bunch of AP videos, with the embed code enabled. An AP affiliate in Tennessee reasonably embedded some of those videos… and were promptly accused of “stealing” the AP’s licensed content and ordered to take it down. There are so many things wrong with this situation it’s difficult to know where to start:

  • It’s the AP’s own YouTube channel.
  • This radio station is an AP affiliate.
  • The AP turned on the embedding function
  • When told all of this, the AP exec demanding the takedown had no idea it had a YouTube channel.

This is clearly part the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing… but it’s also a sign of how out of touch the AP remains. When it purposely offers up content for sharing, it did something smart. Demanding that anyone take down content that was specifically designed to be shared in this manner is just amazing.

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Comments on “Great Moments In AP Protectionism: Demands Takedown Of Videos It Purposely Shared With Affiliate”

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dredeyedick (user link) says:

Re: Re: Obligitory AP bashing...

Apoplectic Pratts!

Aggravating Putzes!

Arrogant Printers performing Asynchronous Perambulations!

Yes, they hyperventilated when Rupert said “That’s got to stop.” Then they pestered an affiliate (Affiliate Pesterers!) thereby revealing how fitfully they do a drunkard’s walk towards a new business model – that failed 10 years ago.

Always Privileged!

(i’ve been looking at this story in too many places for too long… forgive me 😉 )


Weird Harold (user link) says:

Just because one part of the AP provides a service, doesn’t mean another part doesn’t have the right to enforce their copyright. Case in point, Coke Zero. The original Coke has an ongoing lawsuit against Coke Zero as shown in those commercials…I don’t really see how anybody can think this is a bad idea. Capitalist Mike seems to have a love affair with competition and consumer choice and all that capitalist crap, so he should love this!

Michael Ennis (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Close, but the big difference here is that Coke’s lawsuit against Coke Zero is a marketing ploy to convince us, the teeming masses, that the flavor is the same (they are suing for ‘taste infringement’) unlike AP whom I believe would actually pursue a real lawsuit if the videos remained up on the site in question.

Links to Coke’s faux lawsuit videos found here:

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Funny, impersonating me is so hilarious. But I digress. I think its completely reasonable that executives of companies have as little to do with operations of their company as possible, like the AP. This way they can concentrate on spending money on elephant leather chairs , and learning how to use a blackberry.

Its a matter of fact that executives are always right , and everyone else is,by subtraction, wrong.

Gabriel says:

Not only was this AP exec unaware of the fact that the AP has a YouTube channel, but their channel is evidently among the top viewed in the reporters category, and has thousands of videos posted.

You’d think with a presence that significant on YouTube, the AP’s executives would, you know, be aware of it…

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