Shaking, Rumbling Movie Chair Puts You In The Driver's Seat

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With 2009 showing very strong ticket sales, the movie industry seems to be doing a good job of giving people, who are perhaps looking for a bit of escapism, a reason to get out of their houses. Furthermore, IMAX and 3D continue to boost ticket sales and draw huge lines for movies like Monsters vs. Aliens. Fast & Furious rumbled onto the big screen this past weekend, generating $72.5 million in ticket sales in three days, already earning more than the previous installment of the series, The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift. At Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, movie-goers have yet another reason to check out the film on the big screen. The theater is equipped with 15 computerized movie seats that move, shake, tilt, and rumble to match the action on-screen. As a result, viewers are immersed more fully in the film, an experience not easily reproduced at home for which the Chinese (and one other theater in Arizona) are charging an extra $5 per ticket. We’ve said this many times before, but maybe the movie theaters are finally starting to understand the concept that it’s the experience, not just the content, that gives people a reason to go out to see movies at the theaters.

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Comments on “Shaking, Rumbling Movie Chair Puts You In The Driver's Seat”

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WarOtter (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Yeah, but for normal people who might enjoy it, this is an experience that is nearly impossible to have at home, not something you can download. This isn’t about making Weird Harold happy, since that is impossible, it is about adding value to the theater experience and giving people more reasons to not just download and watch it at home.

There is a theater in Ft. Myer’s Beach that has 4 screens with about 30 seats apiece, some at tables and other with fold out trays. They serve food and drinks during the movie. It’s a little disruptive, but the comfort offered by having extra space and legroom, and being able to get buffalo wings during the movie makes it worth it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Don’t theme parks generate huge revenues? It seems like it’s about $50+ to get in the door. If you can get a 2 hour ride for $15, I’d think a lot of people would be interested.

Geez man, you just hate everything that isn’t the status quo. I know you are just trolling, but I do wish you’d at least come up with an argument every once in a while. Is there any innovation you support?

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:

It’s not that I don’t support innovation, I just don’t fall for gimmicks and trickery, especially when it really isn’t adding to the long term experience of seeing a movie.

Read the story,and you will see that the company providing the equipment is aiming at the home market. So this isn’t even something that would be unique to theaters. Plus special motion tracks have to be created for each movie, which creates more costs. I am suspecting that $5 ain’t covering what it costs to run a program like this, and with people already screaming that ticket prices are too high, well…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Really, if you go to the company’s website.. You’d know they’ve been selling to the home market for years. Personally.. I’m more interested in applications as an immersion tool for video games. Sure.. I don’t see it having a massive amount of use in an FPS or a RTS.. but for a flight sim.. or a driving sim… its just about perfect. According to the material it creates about 2g’s worth of force off a launch, or breaking, scenario. Not a lot.. but its enough to make the game even that much more realistic.

hegemon13 says:

Re: Re: WH

If you have an AMC in your area, I suggest you check out Fork and Screen. I just went to one for the first time this weekend, and it totally transformed the moviegoing experience. Ushers/waiters, extremely comfortable seats, real, reasonably-priced food, no one under 18 in the audience, and Fat Tire on draft to accompany the movie. It doesn’t get much better than that. That will truly bring people through the doors, and I will gladly pay the upcharge (which they give you back as a food/drink voucher, anyway) to see any movies possible that way.

Yes, I could cook and eat at home while I watched a movie, but I don’t have the sound system, the 200-inch screen, or the seating to make it nearly as enjoyable. Plus, my wife won’t bring me another Fat Tire when I push a button.

Anonymous Coward says:

Most People Do not Copy...

One of the things that seems to be overlooked in many of these posts is that the vast majority of copying done in the U.S. is done by a relatively small fraction of the population. By some estimates, less than half of all people even have the ability to access and copy a movie (the estimates vary, but when you include the need for a relatively new computer and access to a high speed internet connection, the numbers are less than 50% of all households).

Then there is the time it takes to access movies online. So-called “infinite goods” are not free because they do take time to find and download, and though some, particularly those without a family and a full-time job, have lots of time to download, others do not.

The bottom line: While it may cost a couple $30 to see a movie in a theater, that may be perceived as more cost-effective than downloading an incomplete, unfinished movie that someone illegally copied (and possibly committed some sort of trespass) to acquire.

With respect to Weird Harold’s comment, which movie was that?

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