EU To Social Networks: Protect User Privacy… But Make Sure To Give Us Gov't Officials Private Data

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It really is amusing to see the ongoing tug-o-war among politicians who seem to be pushing for both more access to your private information while at the same time threatening internet companies for not keeping your private info private. For example, we just wrote about the UK government wanting more info on who your friends are on social networks… but at the same time, the EU is complaining that social networking sites don’t do a good job keeping info private. Perhaps if governments stopped demanding so much access to the info it would be easier to keep it private.

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Comments on “EU To Social Networks: Protect User Privacy… But Make Sure To Give Us Gov't Officials Private Data”

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Mattyk says:


Funny how those that make and enforce the laws think that they don’t apply to themselves.
Actually I am starting to see a pattern in the behaviour of politicians – they treat everyone else as inferiors who need to be protected from themselves, via increasingly interfering laws. Meanwhile they grow increasingly hypocritical in their own behaviour.

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