Canadian Court Orders Website To Disclose Personal Info Of Posters

from the anonymity-be-damned dept

We’ve noted, thankfully, that US courts have been quite good about protecting the anonymity of online posters, arguing that anonymous speech is a part of free speech. Other countries haven’t been nearly as good about this, with courts often being quick to demand info on anonymous commenters. It appears that at least one court in Canada falls into that camp as well. Michael Geist highlights how a court has ordered a website to turn over info on anonymous posters. Geist notes that Canadian laws and court rulings normally do support a strong anonymity right as part of privacy rights — but suggests that the court in this case simply wanted to side with the guy suing, perhaps based more on emotional reasons (the anonymous commenters are accused of hate speech) rather than on any true legal basis. As Geist notes, anonymity is not an absolute right, but the bar should be pretty high before a court orders any information to be revealed about anonymous commenters. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

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Comments on “Canadian Court Orders Website To Disclose Personal Info Of Posters”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

The balance between protecting hate speech versus protecting privacy. I think the hate speech pretty much voids anyone’s privacy rights.

You’ve said some pretty hateful things online… and yet you seem to be semi-anonymous. Why don’t you reveal who you are. Or let Mike post your IP address?

Or do you have double standards when it comes to yourself?

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: Re:

First, you need to be arrested just for that sentence. That’s treasonous.

Second, I think I’m missing something. Depending on what was said (I believe true hate speech is illegal), it would seem that a proper court order was filed to release the information for only those who wrote it.

Can someone explain how this is a precedence that can risk legal posters privacy?

Weird Harold Basher says:

Re: And what's next...

Yup… we ban hate speech… then what… hurtful speech… then speech against the government… then what? Any speech that the “censors” don’t like?

Exceptions should be made extremely sparingly. Free speech is one of the biggest things that seperate us from places like China.

Anonymous Coward says:

The Court's Job

The court’s job is to ensure that political correctness is achieved. Thus, the court will interpret or reinterpret laws as needed to to meet today’s political correctness objectives. As far as “any true legal basis” is concerned, remember that the law means whatever the judge says it means, at least until a higher ranking judge says otherwise. That makes it a “true legal basis”. So if the judge rules that rights of anonymity no longer apply to those accused of “hate speech” (or other unpopular speech), then so be it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Basically, the court appears to be giving no more privacy to someone online than they would have on the street.

At lot less, actually. As much as you might want to WH, you can’t go out and start stopping people on the street and demanding their identity papers. (Even if you suspect that their iPod may contain some “unlicensed” music.)

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Nobody is suggesting that. Perhaps unlike the US, Canada is not made up of a bunch of people arguing bizarre absolutes and calling it constitutional law.

The courts didn’t grant me rights to interrogate anyone. They just removed the cover of anonymity from bastards that would use that cover to spread hatred. I don’t see where they went wrong. No, I can’t stop people on the street and ask them anything, I am not the law. Your point is incredibly stupid.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Nobody is suggesting that.

You were the very one who made the comparison of anonymous internet posters to people walking down the street as justification for demanding their identities. So yes, somebody did suggest that, and that somebody was YOU. Of course, as soon as somebody shines a light on you, you try to scurry away. Well here you go, have some more light. 🙂

The courts didn’t grant me rights to interrogate anyone.

Until you file your lawsuit, that is. Then you can issue your subpoena and interrogate them. Left that part out, didn’t you? Of course you did, because that’s the way you roll.

They just removed the cover of anonymity from bastards that would use that cover to spread hatred.

Oh, I’m sorry if it sounds like I hate you. Please don’t sue me. (snicker)

I don’t see where they went wrong.

Of course you don’t. By the way, when are you doing to reveal YOUR true identity?

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

If a guy is walking down a street yelling hate crimes or painting swatiskas on jewish owned business , I take his picture and I call the police. I don’t walk up to him and ask his name.

But online, the only picture that is taken is his IP address (and maybe other logged information). Should he have more protection online than he would on the street? Should he be able to “virtually” deface a jewish website and get away with it only because he is online, and not in the real world?

My full identity is readily available, I don’t hide anything, Mr Anonymous Coward.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Re:

If a guy is walking down a street yelling hate crimes or painting swatiskas on jewish owned business , I take his picture and I call the police. I don’t walk up to him and ask his name.

This case isn’t about the police investigating a crime like you seem to be trying to pretend. It’s about private entities demanding people’s identities. Big difference. So there goes that straw man, you got any more?

My full identity is readily available, I don’t hide anything, Mr Anonymous Coward.

Oh yeah? Well then, please provide your full name, residence, and social security or other national identity number. That’ll be a start to establishing your identity, more steps will follow. But I’m betting that you’re full of crap and won’t do it.

tim says:

posting an anonymous comment on an internet forum should be the same as pinning a piece of paper to a local noticeboard. if no one sees you do it, the message is up, and no one knows who put it there. if people find it offensive, they can ask for it to be taken down. The only time they should be requesting info on anonymous posts is if they directly admit to a crime.

mattyk says:

You jumped on this slippery slope pretty quick Harold. What exactly is this ‘Hate speech’ of which you speak? Could it be a loose term devised mostly to enforce political correctness over freedom of expression? Is it now unacceptable to hate anything and say so?
Fair enough if the posters were inciting/organizing violence but unfortunately, once a precedent is set like this, its almost impossible to reverse.

Thomas Whitney says:

Basically what we are talking about is “a thought crime”, which really has very huge Orwellian ramifications.

Is it a crime to think? Or write about your thinking in a free society?

The real issue is securing the anonymonty of the poster. And that takes some measure of effort by the poster him or herself.

This site: is very educational about this topic.

Tgeigs says:

Truly a slipper slope, this one

It’s unfortunate that the slippery slope argument is so overused today that it’s become the cry of “wolf”, but this is a situation where it truly is relevant, IMO, for a number of reasons:

1. Outlawing hate speech sounds great (Pro-Nazi, anti-Jew, anti-immigrant rants really are horrid and I hate them), but who gets to define what hate speech is? When does hate speech turn into sedition? And if you think that’s an irrelevant argument, consider not only Nazi Germany, but the concentration camps that existed w/i this very country during WWII. This type of thing truly can happen, but only if we let it.

2. Because hate speech is essentially a construct of point of view, how long before people who have the power to do so regularly use the term “hate speech” to enforce censorship? How long before simply saying, “I kind of think it was wrong to displace a bunch of Palestinians and have the UN unilaterally create the state of Israel on land that is considered super holy to 3 distinct religions”, is attacked as being hate speech because it is anti-Semetic? (Btw, this already occurs)

3. Where is the line on being offended? A majority population actually has a greater power to enforce censorship through a perceived or manufactured “offense”, because they have greater control over the government, business, and legal system. Government has the obligation to protect the minority’s right to be heard, and allowing this sort of precedent could have the unintended consequence of silencing those folks.

Morgan Painter says:

Hate crime?

The fellows are accused of a hate crime.
Seems to me the issue is whether a crime was committed. That should be determined first.

If there was no hate crime, issue settled. If there was a hate crime then let’s get on with it. Hate crime if clearly defined, is punishable by law.

If the offender can be identified electronically so be it. How is that different than using a surveillance camera image to see who painted a swastika on a Jewish synagogue or a hangman’s noose on the door of an African-American church?

I am personally fed up with the spineless buggers who post hateful, disrespectful comments knowing fully well no one knows who they are. They type things they would be scared to speak in your presence because they are worthless cowards. But on the net, they become macho man, fearless and bold. I say burn their sorry butts, nail them to the wall.

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