I Love You, Honey, But Not As Much As The Internet (or Twitter)

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An in-no-way-biased survey from a German broadband trade group says that 84 percent of German twentysomethings would rather give up their partner or a car than their internet connection. No word on the breakdown of that 84 percent between partner and car, but given the fantastic experiences I’ve had on German public transport, I’ve got to imagine cars are probably much easier to give up. Although if you ditch your partner, you can always find a new one online, though just eight percent of respondents said they’d done so. Don’t buy it? Just check out the travails of recently split up celebrity couple Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. Apparently she dumped him because Mayer would make time for Twitter, but not for her.

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Comments on “I Love You, Honey, But Not As Much As The Internet (or Twitter)”

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Steven Gasperino says:

German Broadband

Seriously? Germany’s internet connections aren’t exactly amazing anyways, except perhaps in a few limited areas. When I lived there (as a US military member) I cancelled my DSL account with T-Com for a five-month deployment. When I got back, there was a waiting list for DSL in my town… this being a 384 kbps connection that cost around 50 EUR (just under US$70) per month, limited to around 5 GB/month of traffic. I ended up getting HSDPA through O2, for half the cost, with higher speed, and no monthly limit.

To me, it’s kind of sad when the cellular option is faster and cheaper than the landline can offer.

Maria MacManus says:

There is no place like home

Home is unique for all the fathers who has a good heart,
and there is no place like home specially if your partner is wonderful person.

I believe people realize that technology is not real for our real life,technology is just for your dream came true to having your success and bringing into life and to socializing people meet everywhere .

But still ! You is you are,! Every people living in this planet is has own originality character.

But if you are still in a good mind you not gonna forget your love one who is been with you from your ups and down.

Person who is doing this article could be has a problem of their mind or enjoying adultery matters in their life for just a short time happiness.

Please do not feel sorry for your self if you made a mistake like this article,there is always hope and a bright future for the people who made a mistake in their life.

So ! keep up the good work Techonolgy man 🙂

by Maria MacManus

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