Australian Web Censorship Project Moves Ahead, Despite Lack Of Political Support

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At the end of last month, it looked like Australia’s plan to censor the web had died after it lost support in the country’s senate. But The Register reports that Australian regulators are going ahead and using the same blacklist that was part of that effort to threaten sites with fines. The Australian Communications and Media Authority threatened a broadband discussion forum with an A$11,000 ($7,250) daily fine after one of its users posted a link to an anti-abortion site on the blacklist. But it gets a little deeper, as the site was apparently put on the blacklist on the basis of a single complaint — made by a guy who wanted to illustrate the stupidity of the system by getting a site listed that’s got nothing to do with child porn, the supposed target of the censorship plan. When even politicians won’t support something like this that’s supposed to “protect the children,” it should be pretty apparent that it’s not a good idea. So why is the regulator moving ahead with it?

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Comments on “Australian Web Censorship Project Moves Ahead, Despite Lack Of Political Support”

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Easily Amused says:

more of the same

The regulators actually went directly to the ironically named hosting provider (Bulletproof) of the site for the takedown, never contacting the site (Whirlpool) itself. Unfortunately, the site buckled without so much as a whimper and removed the link.

This is a link to the site’s discussion of the event:

fattyboombatty says:

Re: Harold you moron

Nice one Weirdo – the government imposing this ill conceived plan is a Labor government – a (supposedly) left-wing, union favouring, commie outfit (if you listen to the opposition).

In fact, the previous government (the ironically named Liberal party), who governed as conservatives, dismissed the plan for a national filter on the basis of it being impractical.

Harold – you really add nothing to ANY of the discussions on this site other than ignorance.

and I hear you like to masturbate frequently

Tamara says:

fattyboombatty look at the facts

fattyboombatty, yes it is the Labor party bringing this in. But look at the reasons. They want to suck up to the Christian-nutjobs Family First. Due to the 2004 senate result, when the Liberals won a tonne of seats, the ALP need his vote on anything they want passed, so he’s using this as leverage.

fattyboombatty says:

Re: fattyboombatty look at the facts

Tamara, to be honest the reasons for implementing this filter absolutely befuddle me. I have no idea why someone would want to impose a filter on me when I don’t want one.

If I am doing something illegal, then prosecute me. If I wish to have an interweb that is free from morally bankrupt options then spend hundreds of millions of dollars to provide that option for me. But DO NOT arbitrarily and secretly block my access to the tubes – makes me feel all stabby.

My original comment was directed at the absolute ignorance spewed by Weird Harold in not only this discussion, but almost all of the discussions of this site. Troll or not – there is nothing to be gained by allowing his FUD to be spread without retort.

Sabian (user link) says:

Aust. Fed Senate Estimates Transcript

Here’s a transcript to a recent Senate Estimates discussion on the blacklist, its intended uses and the potential for things to go wrong… it’s 133 pages, so I recommend keyword searches… I didn’t read the whole thing, that’s for sure.

Anonymous Coward says:

“So why is the regulator moving ahead with it?”

Maybe that regulator has simply gone off the reservation?

Then again, maybe it’s part of a Xanatos Gambit by someone who fancies himself a Darth Sidious. You know, like when the guy facing you across the chess table makes an unexpected and stupid-looking pawn move, and you go “What the?” and then three moves later “Oh, fu…” and he goes “Checkmate”.

Konrad Jenkins says:

Interesting article. There has been alot of talk about internet censorship going here in the US recently as well. Good, bad, or indifferent, it would be a monumental task to get a handle on everything that goes on on the internet. Especially when so many sites are hosted in other countries. It would be a Herculean task, to be sure.

Konrad Jenkins |

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