School Shooting In Germany Immediately Leads To Calls To Ban Violent Video Games

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A few people submitted stories about a German school shooting this week, noting that the AP report on the shooting spoke to a friend of the killer, talking about how they used to play video games together, and that some of them were violent. I decided not to post it initially, because it was a small part of the story, and there was nothing saying anyone was actually responding to that aspect, yet. But… of course… it didn’t take long at all. Politicians are leaping on the bandwagon and already some are calling for a total ban on violent video games, despite no actual evidence that violent video games had anything, whatsoever, to do with the killings.

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Comments on “School Shooting In Germany Immediately Leads To Calls To Ban Violent Video Games”

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ToySouljah says:

Was it really the games?

I read in one article that he suffered from depression. Was he on any medication? I’ve warned a few people I know of about the dangers in the so called anti-depressant meds being fed to people and their effects on the mind. I used to take them, but did not like how they affected my thinking and so weened myself off of them…it is dangerous to abruptly stop them. I think instead of blaming the video games, music, and movies…they need to look at the medications these people were on.

ZR says:

Re: Was it really the games?

Videogames are a new thing, and they affect the mind a good bit. However, they do not affect the mind violently, instead they spark imagination and start a new realm of thought, but that last part is off topic. Since videogames are in fact a newer invention, and murder is a timeless invention, I would argue that videogames couldn’t have caused school shootings because violence has gone down drastically since systems like the Playstation 1 (or x) and the Nintendo 64 have been released and enjoyed by a decent sized population. Videogames have been an outlet for anger and frustation, and many people who play them feel quite the opposite of violent; they feel happy. I know after playing 4 hours of Metal Gear Solid 2(it was a marathon, I do this with everytime I get MGS games, since they can be beaten in that time period) I felt happy. My entire bad day was obliterated and rebuilt as a happy day. Sorry for the long post. In conclusion, I would contribute less to videogames and more to the destruction of the psyche, as I personally have had this happen to me…

Easily Amused says:

The kid had obvious problems, was on a suicide watch for some time, and has apparently either gone off his meds or just stopped going to therapy. He had personal issues with at least one specific teacher at the school and was recently spurned by a female student. The root of his outburst seems to be a very deep-seated misogyny. He chose to shoot only women (but hit a few men along the way either in a hurry or bad aim). The game he played was Counter-Strike. Anyone who looked at the game being played for even the slightest amount of time can infer no misogynistic message from it. This is simply more sabre-rattling from the morons.

Anonymous Coward says:

Politicians are like everyone else

Politicians are like everyone else. It is easy to blame things that you are not involved with personally. Video games are unfamiliar to most politicians. Therefore they are easy to blame for the next generation going to pieces, as every generation tends to do.

Besides, it is so much easier to blame video games than to address the real problems underlying violence.

TechNoFear (profile) says:


Why is it that after these incidents the most vocal crowd asks for games to be banned, not GUNS?

Without the guns this would not have been any where near as horrific, no matter how violent (if at all) playing a game had made the shooter.

I suppose it is because the game critics are scared the gun nuts might get violent if you try to disarm them…

hegemon13 says:

Re: Ban GUNS not GAMES

Because it is not even remotely feasible. (Neither is banning the video games, but that’s another point.) If guns were a rarity, banning them might be feasible, but they are everywhere. You ban them, and you create a black market. Then, only the most dangerous element of society has access to guns.

Besides which, I am a hunter. I view guns as a tool to get meat. Yes, I could go to the grocery store for farm-raised beef. But, I can get much healthier, better-tasting, more humanely-raised meat by hunting a wild deer. It is lean, tasty, and the animal has lived a free and natural life, not been confined to a feed lot. I am not willing to give that up because someone somewhere might commit a crime with a gun. I don’t, therefore I should not be stopped from owning one.

Last, people should have the right to defend themselves in their homes. As long as guns exist in the hands of criminals, I should have the right (though I have chosen not to exercise it) to own a gun for the protection of myself and family. Again, like many dangerous items, guns are tragically fatal in the hands of the wrong individual. So are cars, and knives, and bombs, and freakin’ screwdrivers. It is not the government’s job to ban everything with the potential to be dangerous. It is there job to punish those who misuse such items. Unfortunately, if a person is going to commit murder, there is not much you can do to stop them by passing new laws. Murder is already illegal.

inc says:

Let’s ban freedom of choice as well. Who the fuck needs that anymore these days? Just because some fucked up little turd goes nuts doesn’t mean the video game caused it. He was fucked in the head and would’ve gone off the deep end sooner or later. I mean come on, “He wrote to his parents that he’s suffering and he can’t go on”. Does that sounds like a video game caused that? How come he killed mostly girls, and how many games do you go around shooting them?

European Union’s politicians would do better to educate parents for warning signs for this kind of behavior in their children rather then scapegoat video games.

Rodney says:


So the country that slaughtered over 6 million people wants to ban violent video games eh? WTF?

Do we have a conscience now Germany? Remember, you guys went from Barbarians to mass murders, and now you think banning video games is a good idea?

The only things worth a crap in Germany are the babes, beer, porn, and some pretty countryside, oh and their invasion and subjugation of France.

Hugh says:

Re: Hmmm...

Ok this is from someone that doesnt know history, and has never been to Germany.

I know this is off the issue but id like a chance to redirect someone, Germany as a whole didnt kill over 6 million people, It was a mentally disturbed person from another country, that was able to get the extreamist that were in power to listen to him. Most of the German army did not agree with the powers that be, but considering what the SS was doing, it was better to follow orders than to question those orders. This is almost like trying to say all Muslims or everyone that lives in the middle east wants America gone, not true, its only the extreamist that do.

Now for the issue of video games, yes once agian its the old redirection of blame at issue here. Games no matter what the form is not the blame here, the persons mental status, his status with his friends, the peer pressure from others his age, his relationship with his parents these are the issues here. If he only attacked women and not the men, it shows reason that maybe a girl rejected him or scorned him and caused him to not think about why he shouldnt just come to school with a gun and harm them. Human emotions have a very strange play on how we think. Look at all the people that are usually calm and meek and let things slide, but when they get cut off by that jerk on the phone on the highway and suddenly they come off like Bruce Banner. Its easy to see how things like this happen.

You cant just go oh he played a game that involved killing other people, and say that is what caused it. Ask any gamer and they will tell theres a difference in killing pixels and killing a real person. No matter how life like the game is, its just a game. The real question here is, why are kids now a days so prone to want to vent their anger so viloentlly. We cant ban the ownership of guns, so why not just take the proper security percautions and keep schools safe, just as parents shouldnt think that their kids wont do drugs, then schools shouldnt think that they wont become the next news story for a school shootout.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Hmmm...

Wow, some people really are this stupid it seems…

No, Germans didn’t kill over 6 million people. Nazis did. A great many of the people who were killed were Germans and the man who ordered the killings was not. (yes, that’s oversimplified for the historians out there, but far more accurate than what I’m replying to)

It’s funny… nobody brings up *your* military history when discussing your country, even though from some points of view you’re participated in massacres of similar scale.

Uh, yeah they do says:

Re: Re: Hmmm...

Points of contention:

1. Nobody brings up your military history…Uh, as a former member of the US Navy who was stationed overseas, yeah they do. Actually, I would say that American citizens have the subject of their military exploits brought up far more frequently than Germans, and in many cases rightly so.

2. The Germans didn’t kill 6 million people, Nazis dead…Well, OK, but that’s like saying that America didn’t invade Iraq, the American government did. At some point, save some extremely rare cases, amongst which Nazi Germany does NOT count, the populous is responsible for their government. The German people, Nazis or not, by and large knew what was happening, and by and large they did NOTHING. Mein Kampf was one of the most despicable pieces of hate ever written, right up their with The Elder Protocols of Zion, and it was the best selling book in Germany throughout the 30’s and most of the 40’s. Hitler may have been a terrible fire, but he couldn’t have burned without the German people feeding him fuel. Well, that and amphetamines. Lots and lots of amphetamines.

3. Hitler wasn’t German…Again, OK, technically you’re right, since he was originally from Austria. But is Arnold Schwartzeneggar Austrian or American? I hope to God that he’s American, being as how he’s atop the political ladder in the 3rd largest state in our country. Hitler was the LEADER of Germany. He was German.

Having said all this, I understand that Germany as a whole isn’t evil. Hell, I’m of German ethnicity. But it is very important that we do NOT excuse the people complicit of those crimes, and that includes a great many Americans: The Dulles Bros., Rockefellers, Fords, etc.

MadJo (profile) says:

Video games are just this generation’s Rock’n’Roll.
Same happened then (Rock n Roll causes our youth to worship the devil)
And with comic books (mysogyny is rampant among our youth, because of those comic books)
And with violent movies (Our youth are immitating those heroes, we should ban violent movies)

Sadly, it’s just a symptom of time, and I, for one, am sick and tired of the ‘get off my lawn’/’think of the children’ mentality that we see in our society today.

Sergio says:

Things will get worse, not better

Without violent video games as a release, won’t these types of shootings become more frequent? Humanity has a long history of being incredibly violent and savage. Now, I’m not saying that it’s the only factor, but it seems that ever since things like radio, movies, tv, rock and roll, and video games came along, humanities violent tendency’s have gone waaaaay down (at least in countries and areas that have these things).

Pepper (user link) says:

found good article

Murderer kill for occasion, school shooter have their subjective justifications. The society has to unfold the enigma of WHY they do that. Paintball, Weapons, FPS, mental disorder or gender – falls to short for an explanation.
Everyone could be driven into violent behavior – if your existence seems to be at stake you would run amok.

Quest to understand school shootings

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