Italian Proposal To Ban Anonymity Online Written By DVD Industry

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Boing Boing has a post talking about a variety of rather ridiculous anti-internet laws being proposed in Italy. There’s a proposal that would require bloggers to register with the government, and another that would require ISPs to block access to certain sites for publishing content it doesn’t like. Nothing like repressive governments not wanting to allow freedom of speech to people.

However, even more interesting may be some of the details on the final piece of legislation mentioned in the post: banning any anonymous posting online. Despite all of the problems with bad laws in the US, at least (for the most part) there’s been a respect for the right to anonymous speech. An anonymous (ha ha!) Techdirt reader sent in some other details about that anonymity bill. Specifically, the politician who put forth the legislation, posted the details via a Word document on her site, which allowed people to download it and see who created the document. Turns out it wasn’t the politician — but the president of the DVD production association. In other words, it certainly has appearances suggesting lobbyists from the entertainment industry wrote the law, and this politician just put her name on it. In some places people might call that infringement, or at the very least, plagiarism… But, apparently, the entertainment industry has no problem with politicians plagiarizing the legislation they hand over.

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Comments on “Italian Proposal To Ban Anonymity Online Written By DVD Industry”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Wut is this?

I have a few problems with this.

First, how does preventing anonymous speech increase DVD sales or is this really about suppressing dissenting reviews and/or opinion?

Second, if dissenting opinion is so harmful to DVD sales, why are crappy movies approved for production?

Third, within 5 years, DVDs will go the way of the Dodo. Why are they spending their last waning moments worried about such banal things?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I agree Mech. Italy seems to be a pretty messed up place right now just like Australia. I must admit though, most countries seem to be having a problem with the Soapbox that is the internet.

As a US citizen I feel like I have the right to express my opinion anytime and anywhere I feel like it as long as it isn’t Libel or Slanderous. If what I am spouting from my soapbox isn’t illegal then there is no reason my identity should mater. If anything being anonymous would actually weaken my argument because most people would like to know the source of the information they are receiving.

The reason why anonymity is so important is that is gives a prole like me the ability to stand up to a Goliath who could easily crush me otherwise. For instance, if I want to speak out against the lack of health care in the US I should be able to do so without the fear that the industry will let me die if I get run over by a drunk driver.

italian guy says:

no, you not understand… and i’m very worried for this. many italians aren’t blind or stupid.. but :

in italy there is a bad voting law (someone says ‘fraudolent’).. and so-called left-wing is actually a broken-center-left-wing.. And more.. both right and left wing are full of jerks.. so the choice was : i vote jerksright or jerkleft? an hard choice, u understand.

jerkright actually is worst than jerkleft, BUT owns many newspaper and many televisions.. so manipulate information very well and win..

if you add bad law system (broken basically from rightwing, but also leftwing not jokes) ,high corruption level.. and lazyness of (not few) italians … u will understand because more and more people seems sadly to say ‘resistence is useless..’

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