Indian Blogger Sued, Forced To Apologize, For Criticizing Journalist And Quoting Wikipedia

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Reader VivekM alerts us to an unfortunate news story in India, where a blogger who was critical of a journalist’s coverage of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year was sued for his blog post, and then forced to take down the post and apologize. The specific issue appeared to be over a quote taken from a Wikipedia article about the journalist, rather than any actual personal attack on the journalist. Of course, in forcing the blogger to take down the content, it’s kicked up quite a lot of attention and a fire storm of protest from numerous Indian bloggers who feel that this is an attack on free speech. Defamation laws are all too often used to stifle free speech, and it doesn’t look like India has any sort of anti-SLAPP law to prevent these sorts of legal attacks. There’s nothing wrong with being offended or bothered about criticism, but there are plenty of ways to respond to criticism without resorting to lawsuits.

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Comments on “Indian Blogger Sued, Forced To Apologize, For Criticizing Journalist And Quoting Wikipedia”

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NullOp says:

Free Speech?

I was not aware there were any laws assuring free speech in India. Of course the attack IS against free speech. Almost no one is pro free speech when something is being said that they determine does not portray them in the best light. I wonder if the site where the blog actually resided is in India. If not, do Indian laws apply?

QA says:

Re: Free Speech?

The Constitution of India guarantees the Freedom of speech and expression to its citizens under Article 19(1) however it seems to be so limited in scope because of “reasonable restrictions” imposed on it by article 19(2), in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India,the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court,defamation or incitement to an offence.

It is an unfortunate things as even the supreme Court of India has taken criticism as contempt of court and denied the freedom of speech to its citizens(Arundhati Roy case)

QA says:

Re: Re:

Yes,she is aggressive, insensitive and so full of herself that in the zeal of being the first and most effective journalist she has lost any sight of ethical journalism or correct reporting.

Next , maybe she will sue us on Facebook- the group with over 4000 members- Please Take Barha off Air- just goes onto show her “popularity” 😉

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