German Court Says E-Voting Was Unconstitutional

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It still stuns us that, despite so many problems found with e-voting technologies, that elections officials in the US seem to have no problem continuing to roll them out every election time, it looks like Germany is taking a slightly different perspective. A number of readers have sent in the news that Germany’s highest court hasn’t just rejected Germany’s use of e-voting technologies, but declared their usage in a 2005 election as unconstitutional, due to the unreliable nature of the machines and (more importantly) the fact that the black box nature of the machines made the elections not as transparent as required. That said… it also allowed the results from the election to stand, saying there was no actual evidence of mistakes. Still, perhaps other courts will start to recognize this as well: when you make the details of the election and how the results are counted totally secret, you cannot have a citizenry that believes that the election results were fair or accurate.

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Comments on “German Court Says E-Voting Was Unconstitutional”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I’m confused Mike… You laugh at the lame ass newspapers, and rightfully so, because they don’t evolve. Yet you imply that voting machines are unconstitutional and failed. As if they cannot possibly be made transparent and way more useful than paper ballots.

I happen to believe that ink can be replaced across the board and without exception.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re:

As if they cannot possibly be made transparent and way more useful than paper ballots.

I never said they can’t be made open and transparent. I’m all for it if they can be. But the ones in use are NOT. I’ve been talking to some folks who *are* working on an open and transparent system, and I’m hoping to see their solution get some traction soon.

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