Will The RIAA's New Friends In Justice Get Involved Over Constitutionality Of RIAA Damage Awards?

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In one of the many cases out there challenging the constitutionality of statutory fines for copyright infringement, there’s some indication that the Justice Department is considering intervening on the side of the record labels to defend fines that range from $750 to $150,000 for sharing a single song that can be purchased for $1. There are numerous arguments (both legal and common sense) for why the punishment here goes way beyond the crime. But, with the Justice Department hiring a bunch of the entertainment industry’s favorite lawyers into high level positions, this seems like a pretty clear conflict of interest. Many people are now suggesting contacting the administration and requesting that it not intervene in the case given the conflicts of interest.

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Comments on “Will The RIAA's New Friends In Justice Get Involved Over Constitutionality Of RIAA Damage Awards?”

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Sony mole says:


sources tell me that some of the labels have had enough of the RIAA and pulled out. This is causing layoffs and total reduction in bootleg CD stuff. My guy didn;t have alot of info about P2P, but I guess the labels are doen being made into fools by the RIAA poopieheads. First the MPAA now RIAA, guess they won;t be around much longer!!

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