How To Make Money From Piracy: Building Prisons

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We’ve often discussed various ways that businesses can learn to embrace piracy for the purpose of making money, but here’s a new (if farcical) idea. Hypebot points us to the Pirates Prison Project — a tongue in cheek suggestion for a way to use piracy to build up one area of the economy: prisons. The idea is that if we just start putting all those file sharers in prison, we’re going to need a lot more prisons — and isn’t that just a business opportunity?

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Comments on “How To Make Money From Piracy: Building Prisons”

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i knew this was coming… they finaly got the laws through in 08 now there gonna use the economic crisis to employ obama’s new snitch squad to snitch on friends that have piracy tendancies for cash rewards… then the perpetrator has to pay fines to the RECORD INDUSTRY for each case of piracy thats proven…… I HATE AMERICA IF THIS IS AMERICA… THE GHOSTS OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS WITH RAPE YOU IN HELL WHEN YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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