Microsoft Claims Patent Holder Got A Job At Microsoft To Get Info Used In Patent Lawsuits

from the patent-espionage dept

We see all sorts of strange patent-related lawsuits around here, but this one probably qualifies for the most extreme attempt by a patent holder to come up with info for the sake of a patent lawsuit. Apparently (and this is according to Microsoft), Miki Mullor, CEO of a company called Ancora Technologies, applied for a job at Microsoft while still working for Ancora. He got the job, and then used the job to download all sorts of info unrelated to his job — but which was helpful in allowing Ancora to sue a bunch of companies, including Dell, HP and Toshiba claiming that their use of Microsoft anti-piracy technology violated Ancora’s patents on anti-piracy technology. We’ve seen plenty of questionable patent lawsuits… and lots of stories about corporate espionage, but not many that combined both topics. Update on 11/17/2009: The company informs us that the companies have settled.

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Comments on “Microsoft Claims Patent Holder Got A Job At Microsoft To Get Info Used In Patent Lawsuits”

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d0n0vAn says:

Ancora Technologies

Well, I found Ancora Tech’s website and I read his statement regarding the case. It appears that he holds a patent, but never actually did anything with said patent. According to the website there are two employees working at Ancora Tech: the founder and a president. Also from the website, Miki Mullor, founder and CEO holds an LL.B degree from a private university and is former Israeli Military Intelligence.

So, I see two guys. One is a would-be lawyer and a spy. THAT guy invents something he can’t sell, then when he is broke and needs to support his family, then THAT guy gets hired by the largest software manufacturer in the world and spied on that corporation, stole documents unrelated to his job before filing his own patent lawsuit.

Sounds fishy to me. I predict he wins.

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