EFF And ACLU Sue FBI Over Seizure Of Activists' Computers

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The EFF and the ACLU has filed yet another lawsuit against the government, highlighting another scary abuse of power that feels straight out of a police state, rather than the free society we supposedly live in. Specifically, the FBI and other law enforcement officials raided the offices of two different activist organizations and seized all of their computers. There are two issues here that are important. First, if the FBI was concerned about the computers being used in commission of a crime, they easily could have followed the same policies used to get records off of computers at libraries (part of the issue is that these organizations offer public access computers to folks visiting their offices). The second issue is that both organizations act as publishers, and federal law makes it clear that the government can’t just seize computers of publishers except in extremely narrow circumstances. So, in either circumstance, the Feds should not have seized the computers.

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Comments on “EFF And ACLU Sue FBI Over Seizure Of Activists' Computers”

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Relonar says:

Re: This is why I donate to the EFF

That is exactly as how I see it happening. Constantly pushing the border a tiny bit, if it leads to a conviction and goes under the public radar then theres a better chance of the policy holding, after that they can push a tiny bit harder. Then you have cases like this where someone does take notice. Stuff like this needs to be checked, checked by the agencies themselves before groups like the EFF and ACLU need to get involved.
People are more willing to follow the laws when they can trust the enforces.

Anonymous Coward says:

Does anybody remember...

This sounds incredibly like the Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games in 1990 – the very incident which led to the formation of the EFF. In both cases, government agents walked into a building and proceeded to grab anything that resembled a computer, even if it had nothing to do with the case they were working on.

Anonymous Coward says:

Not that I agree with the search (there is no mention in any of the articles why a search warrant was even issued), but these two groups are hardly paragons of virtue. Visit their websites to understand what I mean.

Yes, the First Amendment forcefully applies to much of what they are distributing to the public, but in many ways these groups remind me of Berkeley back in the late 60s and early 70s.

nasch says:

Re: Re:

I didn’t even find mention of IF there was a search warrant, let alone why.

Let’s see, close Gitmo, stop the practice of child soldiers, allow 9/11 court case to be publicized, opposing pardons for those involved with torture, supporting habeus corpus rights, reform domestic surveillance… some highlights from the ACLU.

EFF wants to get an exception to the DMCA so people can legally unlock phones, oppose censorship, hold companies accountable for assisting in domestic spying, protect travelers’ privacy, and many other things.

So… what exactly is your problem with these organizations? Honestly, I’d like to know. There seems to be a lot of mistrust and even hatred of the ACLU, especially from the right. I just don’t understand why there would be so much opposition to an organization that works to protect civil liberties and Constitutional rights. The EFF would probably be in the same boat if they were more widely known.

Terrorist Sniper says:

Re: Terrorist

The ACLU is a neccessary organization that defines one side to which the pendallum could swing.

In order to have balance, you will always have ultra conservatives and ultra liberals. Lack of either will lead to a shift in the balance to the other side.

The last thing I want is an ultra conservative police state.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Actually, the Steve Jackson raid was based on even flimsier evidence – one of their employees was sharing electronic copies of a Bell document from his home computer. The main connection the Secret Service capitalized on was that the same guy was in charge of running SJ Games’ BBS computer (just one machine in the building). They also misrepresented the document being spread as a stolen, high-priority document, worth many thousands of dollars, when it was publicly available for about $20.

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