Can A Moron In A Hurry Explain To Jimmy Choo The Difference Between Shoes And Random Gifts?

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro calls our attention to the news that high-end women’s shoe company, Jimmy Choo, is forcing a small New Zealand gifts website to give up its name using trademark law. The name of the site is, though it may be gone soon, as it sounds like the owner of the site is going to give in rather than fight. This is, of course, ridiculous. It’s highly unlikely that anyone, let alone our favorite moron in a hurry, would confuse Jimmy Choo shoes with a website selling random gifts like teddy bears, bean bags and candles, among other things. Originally, Choo’s lawyers just wanted to prevent the owner from trademarking Kookychoo, but now is demanding she stop using the name entirely. Since it would cost at least $50,000 to go to court should Jimmy Choo sue, the woman is likely to just give up the name. This is corporate bullying at its finest — abusing tradmark law for no reason other than to shut down a small website that isn’t competing with the company at all.

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Comments on “Can A Moron In A Hurry Explain To Jimmy Choo The Difference Between Shoes And Random Gifts?”

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MLS says:

I must be a moron because even I can tell the difference between Mr. Choo’s shoes and the products that were being offered on the above-noted website.

While US and NZ law are likely similar, I am not an expert with NZ law so I dare not express an opinion on how a NZ court would treat this matter if a lawsuit is filed.

BTW, it is worthwhile to note that demand letters are commonplace, and “pound sand” responses equally so. In the majority of cases the matter ends there. It is highly unusual for matters such as this to proceed beyond the exchange of letters between counsel.

Looie James (user link) says:

Jimmy Choo vs Kookychoo

I am the co-owner of the little New Zealand on-line gift store Kookychoo. I would just like to reply to Neil by saying that we do not sell any junk! I work extremely hard to find cool gifts to offer on Kookychoo so you should maybe take another look around.

I have seven children and have spent hundreds of hours in my evenings getting the Kookychoo website ready to go live. I believe Jimmy Choo is heartless sending me a letter one week before Christmas demanding that I cease trading and also pay his legal fees!

Today we found an intellectual property lawyer to do a some pro bono work for us which means David is going to fight Goliath!

You may want to check out YouTube and put in Kookychoo in the search box. Any little notes to Jimmy Choo to back off would also be fantastic. I would really appreciate any support you and your friends can offer.

Sharing the love,

Looie from

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Jimmy Choo vs Kookychoo

Good for you and your KookyChoo partner, Looie! I read about this situation on another site and it appeared you had decided against fighting for YOUR rights. I’m so happy to see that is no longer true and you’ve been able to find someone to help you fight JimmyChoo’s insanity.

If ever there was a good reason to stand up for what’s right in the domain dispute arena, this has to be it! (IMO.)

My very best for your win in court, should the greedy and ignorant jimmychoo people not wake up and back the *uck off before then! IMO, you’ll only lose your case IF the judge deciding the case is as blatantly stupid as the jimmychoo people obviously are.

Just Another Moron in a Hurry (profile) says:


First off, everyone who has used the term ‘moron’ in these comments will be hearing from my lawyer shortly. I’ve trademarked the word. I am now the worlds only Moron. I shall set the standard by which all others are judged.

Second, Mwa, ha, ha!

And finally, I just got off the phone with Jimmy. I tried to explain things to him, but he won’t listen to me. Something about he only takes advice from Morons with legal degrees. Anyways, best of luck Looie. We hope the courts are reasonable with you.

gene_cavanaugh (user link) says:

IP abuse

I entered a suggestion in, and the automated entry suggested I have friends vote for the idea.

I pointed out that I realize the entertainment industry and large corporations give campaign funds, and Congress likes campaign funds, but the future of the country depends on getting back to what the Constitution intended; encouraging innovation rather than stifling it.

Please vote or comment on my idea.

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