Facebook Wins Nearly $1 Billion From Spammer Who Will Never Pay Up

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If only spammers actually had money and could be forced to pay up when they lose lawsuits… Facebook might have actually found a business model that paid. It appears a judge has ruled in Facebook’s favor against a spammer, fining the spammer $873 million for phishing Facebook user logins, and then using account access to bombard other users with millions of spam messages. Of course, the spammer in question has pretty much disappeared, and it’s difficult to believe Facebook will receive a penny from the guy, let alone anything near the $873 million (which is probably more than 3 times Facebook’s revenue this year).

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Comments on “Facebook Wins Nearly $1 Billion From Spammer Who Will Never Pay Up”

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Thanatos says:

Aren’t you tired of referring to all monetary transactions as business models? Open Source isn’t a Business Model, Give it away and Pray isn’t a Business Model, winning a lawsuit from a spammer is definitely not a Business Model. Even if it was purely sarcastic, it’s way overdone.

On Topic, they’re lucky to have had a name to associate with the phisherman in the first place. If this is just a tactic to scare off other potential spammers, I’m sure they will also take note of how easy it is to disappear

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Magic Mike Math

have you been through grade school? standard rounding applies here. seriously, most of the world understands what mike is saying. if you can’t get the concept that 873 is close to a billion than you need help. and, because I’m nice, here is a rough guide to rounding

~350 million = nearly half a billion

~500 million = half a billion

~625 million = over half a billion

~750 million = nearly a billion

~1000 million = a billion

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