Microsoft Against Free Software… But In Favor Of Paying Nations To Use Its Software?

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With more and more countries aggressively moving to embrace free and open source software, it appears that Microsoft is using its own money to its advantage, such as with this agreement to hand over $60 million to South Korea to get it to use its software, rather than the alternatives. While it may seem silly when you take a step back and look at the situation, it does show some of the mixed up incentives related to software. Individuals and organizations can simply embrace free software, or Microsoft can pay out $60 million towards various projects now, knowing that it will pressure the South Korean gov’t and firms into spending a lot more than that on its software. At some point, people will begin to realize this is just a bad deal. The programs Microsoft invests in make out well, as do some government officials, but everyone else ends up worse off.

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Comments on “Microsoft Against Free Software… But In Favor Of Paying Nations To Use Its Software?”

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ehrichweiss says:

they still missed...

I wonder how long till Microsoft realizes that people actually still use free alternatives ON their platform as well. OpenOffice, VLC Media Player, Pidgin, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. are all widely used and excellent alternatives to any for-pay “solutions” that M$ might have.

I personally have been using Linux as my primary operating system on my laptop for about 4 months now(been over 4 years on ALL of my servers) and haven’t really missed anything made by Microsoft. I might boot into XP once a week at most.

Simon says:

Re: they still missed...

It always make me laugh that Media Player is ‘protected’ by Windows Genuine Advantage. When ever I double click on a file and Media Player brings up the splash screen telling I need to validate my copy before I can use it, it’s just a reminder that I need to assign that file type to VLC.

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