Well, At Least Second Life Won't Need A Gov't Bailout

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Remember a couple years ago, when you could hardly go a day without hearing some press story hyping up how the virtual world Second Life was the biggest thing since the internet itself? Those days went away pretty quickly once people noticed that the numbers Second Life was claiming weren’t really representative of how many people were there, and all the brands that bought into the hype and jumped on the Second Life bandwagon started realizing that it didn’t do much for them, as most of the folks in Second Life were there for the virtual sex and gambling, which the company has cracked down on.

However, apparently, there are still some folks using Second Life, and the company wants to let you know that as the financial crisis spreads around the world, the fundamentals of the economy in Second Life remain strong. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen press announcements from plenty of tech companies trying to spin the financial crisis as a reason to write about their company, but this one might be the most ridiculous. It’s not as if people are going to start moving money into Lindens any time soon as an investment vehicle.

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