The Family That Texts Together…

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There’s been a perception among some, that the introduction of certain technologies into the household has made it more difficult for families to communicate. For example, some have complained that kids with mobile phones use them to spend all their time talking to and texting with friends, rather than with their family. However, some new research notes that this is mostly a myth, and families that have mobile phones tend to use them to communicate with each other quite a bit. Of course, now we’ll hear people complaining about how this constant contact makes it impossible for kids to make decisions on their own. There’s always something to complain about. And, to be fair, not all of the study suggests that all this communicating is a good thing. While people do communicate more with their family members, they’re not as satisfied with family leisure time as those who aren’t as technology-enabled.

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Comments on “The Family That Texts Together…”

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some Canadian says:

Family of texters

I am frustrated when my face to face communications with my children are interrupted by the buzz of their mobile phone. I have also found that I must remove their mobile phones when they go to bed or their sleep will be interrupted by the buzz of the phone. But I do find that the mobile phones makes it much easier to get in touch with my children when they are out of the house and we do use text messages to communicate. But can you really have a meaningful communication by SMS???

Potato Head says:

Re: Family of texters

I was going to rip you being dumb, but then I saw your Canadian. You just can not help it!

Meaningful? I hate to echo the last post, but how can it not be meaningful? Obviously someone sending a message has put meaning behind the words. Weather it be the words them selves or the context, there are meaningful or full of meaning.

Let the rest of the dumb asses get too it!

MomofSix (user link) says:

texting and teens

My kids are expert texters – I am not. But we text frequently. I love being able to get in touch with them (Like Dallas Dad said) whenever and wherever they are, and I can even text them when they’re in class or something and they can call me later, remind them they have a dentist appointment or something like that. They also will text me when they’re bored. My kids and I were pretty close before texting – but texting definitely adds to the communication, which is usually an asset to any relationship. As far as I’m concerned, any contact I have with my kids is valuable!

Anonymous Coward says:

I agree with “some Canadian” that SMS is no replacement for a meaningful conversation. (I find it sad that people are too dense to appreciate this sentiment.)

@Potato Head: If you’re going to “rip being dumb” you should first learn the difference between the words ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Once you understand the difference, move on to the words ‘to’, ‘too’, and ‘two’.

@Dallas Dad: Important and meaningful are different.

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