Canadian Olympic Committee Tries To Trademark Lyric From National Anthem

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We were just talking about how the UK had granted all sorts of extraordinary trademark rights to the Olympics for the 2012 games, but the same is true in Canada. Last year, we had reported on similar special trademark rights given to the Olympics for the games in Vancouver in 2010. However, now the Canadian Olympic Committee is taking it to another level. Reader Michael_S alerts us to the news that the Olympic Committee is trying to trademark a line from the Canadian national anthem, “O, Canada.” Specifically, it’s applying for a trademark on “with glowing hearts,” which comes from the song’s lyric: “With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true North strong and free.” Even more ridiculous is the list of products that the Olympic Committee claims its trademark would cover: “laundry bleach, diesel fuel, dietary supplements, key chains, belt buckles knapsacks, bobble-head dolls, bathrobes, edible fats and beer.” Is the Olympic committee planning to sell diesel fuel under the brand “with glowing hearts”?

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Comments on “Canadian Olympic Committee Tries To Trademark Lyric From National Anthem”

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TW Burger says:

Nothing Strong or free here

The Olympic Committee’s attempt to trademark a line from the Canadian national anthem, is beyond dispicable. Up until now I supported the games (being a Vancouver native). Now I am too disgusted.

I thought the point of a national anthem was too celibrate in song the freedom and security that national unity gives us. Allowing this trademark would give a corporation control of all Canadians’ right to express patriotism.

Mike says:

This did pass, and part of the anthem is now trademarked. The official explanation from John Furlong is to “protect” people from “unauthorized” materials (ie. a coffee cup with the Olympic rings and the phrase “with glowing hearts”) No, it does not make any sense to me either. This is the same John Furlong who tried shut down Olympic Pizza in 2006.

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