Lars Ulrich On Metallica's Latest Album Being Leaked Online: It's Fine, We're Happy

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We’ve noted that Metallica has basically spent nearly the last decade trying to recover from the damaged reputation the band brought on itself when drummer Lars Ulrich freaked out about Napster and started suing. While the band has been trying to become more online friendly with its latest album release, you still had to wonder how Ulrich would react to the album being leaked online before the official release date. Some might assume he’d pull a Guns N’ Roses and try to send the FBI after the leakers — but, instead it looks like Ulrich has learned at least part of the lesson: don’t freak out at your fans for music getting online, even before the official release. In fact, he seems almost mellow about the leak:

“It’s 2008 and it’s part of how it is these days, so it’s fine. We’re happy.”

It’s tough to tell if he’s legitimately “happy” about these fans, or if he’s just learned enough to grin and bear it for the time being — but it’s nice to see that he’s at least learned something since the Napster debacle.

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Comments on “Lars Ulrich On Metallica's Latest Album Being Leaked Online: It's Fine, We're Happy”

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ehrichweiss says:

Re: Re: Re:

OH, and note that Motley-fucken-Crue made that response to Metallisux’s asshattery where they(M.C.) stated that they didn’t give a damn if people downloaded their albums. G-n-R..well I expected something like that from a half-ass pop band(they were barely rock and definitely not metal) that tried to call themselves punk, and consequently got called out by the Dead Kennedys.

Mark says:

St. Anger sales...

In reality, Metallic’s St. Anger album is probably the reason Lars is not so worried about online exposure. The album was a success for most acts in the music business, but to Metallica standards, it was a dud.

Lars maybe hoping the online exposure assists with better sales of the Monster album.

We will see…if it is anything like St. Anger, I won’t be buying it…ugh!

Skippy T. Mut says:

F*&k Lars Ulrich in the @$$hole with a big rubber d!(k

Seriously…Lars is a big gay retard. Metallica used to be cool but they sold out for movie soundtracks and starbucks commercials a long time ago. I will download a copy of the album just out of principle, but I don’t plan to listen to or enjoy it. There was time when I would be mad at hearing someone say this, but now I’m going to say it…METALLICA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

mobiGeek says:

Re: F*&k Lars Ulrich in the @$$hole with a big rubber d!(k

I’m not sure what it is you have against the mentally disabled, homosexuals or the dimensionally challenged, but please do not lump them in with the likes of Lars…

Seriously, dude(!), the fact that you are wasting any brain power whatsoever on these grandfathers is somewhat laughable.

The fact that you (used to?!??) idolize a foursome of musicians enough to become angered by someone critical of their sound speaks volumes of your sense and sensibilities.

Lucretious (profile) says:

Re: Re: F*&k Lars Ulrich in the @$$hole with a big rubber d!(k

Oh for the love of fucking god are you people actually going down THAT road over someone using the term “gay”? I’m 46 and we were using the term in a non-sexual way since I was 13 as an immature jab at friends. Context is everything and people like yourself and those who become so hypersensitive over such terms know exactly the way it is being used.

Everyone has to take a step up to the PC outrage soapbox nowadays. Fuck off.

mobiGeek says:

Re: Re: Re: F*&k Lars Ulrich in the @$$hole with a big rubber d!(k

Let’s see if we can come up with a list of other words that used to be thrown around “as an immature jab” which are now completely offensive.

I’m not a fan of PC either, but the reality is that it began because there are a Whole Lot of people who don’t realize what their language is actually doing, regardless of what they actually trying to say.

So why exactly is using the word “gay” considered a “jab” to you? Oh right, because it is DEROGATORY.

Lucretious (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 F*&k Lars Ulrich in the @$$hole with a big rubber d!(k

Correct but its also not being used as direct insult to gays. The words has morphed and evolved on its own. Granted it may have gotten its start by co-opting from the words’ use in reference to homosexuals but, sorry, you don’t get to hang on to the full word to reserve it for moments of moral outrage.

seems every social and ethnic minority wants to hold on to their victimization as some kind of offensive weapon so they can argue from a morally advantageous position when the time is right. Fuck that.

Acoi says:


I already pre-purchased my copy of the CDs (and NON-DRM MP3 downloads), but it wasn’t the fact that I got the CDs fast or anything, it is because of all of the ADDITIONAL Free content that I got by purchasing it as part of my membership to They have release over a GIG of free content to missionmetallica members. It looks like they started getting the Picture of what the internet with a GREAT fan base can mean.

Rodney says:

My Two Cents

I am 40, have been a Metallica fan since day one almost. Probably the best Heavy Metal band EVER. I remember back in the day when I would have tattooed METALLICA across my fucking forehead, but sadly those days are over and have been for a long time. I still can’t believe that a band capable of turning out the best Heavy Metal album of all time, Ride The Lightning, is putting out the crap they do today. These guys are washed up. Yeah, they can still manage a heavy ass riff or two and every now and then I hear something that reminds me of the old days but for the most part these dudes are just money hungry chumps. I lost respect for them when I first heard that stupid ass little girl song Enter Sandman, which ironically made them super stars and millionaires over night. You guys sold out! I guess I mighta to if some record label was waving a zillion bucks under my nose, but how would I sleep at night? I guess pretty well on a pile of money. It’s all about the money I guess but I miss the days it was all about the music. Oh well. Goodbye Guys, I will always have the memories.

Todd says:

Metal lick ah

All I can say is this:

I’ve lost all respect for that band when I saw that DVD “Some Kind of Monster”. Dude, hiring a full time shrink at 40K a month to “help” the band deal with each other? James only being able to work/record 4 hours a day? Lars shooting his mouth off and being a whiny baby? Someone should punch Lars in his vagina! Kirk, why the hell did you stick around with these guys for all of these years? You’re just a hired guitar player. What a shame. James and Lars, you’re a bunch of fags and you haven’t put anything worth a crap since the Black Album. You’ve made your money as the corporate metal band. Just go away. You’ve had your time.

Sick of you dumb fucks says:

Theft of livelyhoods

Most of you are slobbering retards. Lars was right about the Napster thing, It’s theft. Why do you think the music biz is in such a sorry state? Now the only “musicians” making money are auto=tune abusing bling hustling gangsters with nothing to say except to degrade thier own people and crap like Jones-ass brothers. I’m a musician and I can tell you I would have a record deal if the biz wasn’t so fuckered because of you thieves! Lack of Sales hurts all aspects of the biz, it has a filter-down effect. A guy like Bob Dylan would never be heard these days fucking sad. BTW Lars never sued anyone, he found out it was possible to find out who was stealing (yes it’s theft dumbfucks). I personally know musicians who are brilliant and they have 100,000 fans registered online and they tour all over who need to pawn thier instruments to fucking eat! you dumb fucks go crawl in a hole and die goddamn thieves you can’t justify stealing these peoples livelyhoods! As for the new Metallica album I’m not too impressed but I am impressed that they stood up for themselves and all musicians and are being proven right about file stealing. I can’t put into words how unimpressed I am with so called music fans, go fuck yourselves!!!

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