Was The Mad Men Twitter Takedown Part Of An Advertising Strategy?

from the reverse-streisand? dept

We’ve talked about the concept of a reverse Streisand Effect, where a company purposely pretends to be outraged and demands to take something down in order to generate more attention for it, and now there’s some evidence suggesting that last week’s DMCA takedown notices for the “fake” Mad Men Twitter accounts may have been part of AMC’s own marketing strategy. Buried at the bottom of a NY Times article about what happened, there’s a hint that the whole thing was planned out, as following a request from the Times reporter, Brian Stelter, to one of the “fake” users for an interview, that character “referred all questions to Deep Focus, a Web marketing agency that works for AMC.”

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Comments on “Was The Mad Men Twitter Takedown Part Of An Advertising Strategy?”

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Video Savant says:

DMCA Abuse?

Wouldn’t this be an abuse of the DMCA?

While there might not be any direct harm done here, it does bother me that the same media organizations that aggressively use DMCA — in ways that often undermine fair use — would then turn around and use DMCA mechanisms in a patently fraudulent way for the sole purpose of generating free publicity.

There should be a way to punish companies that play these sort of games with the DMCA.

Michael says:

Mad Men

Marketers and companies are still trying to figure out how to use SoMe effectively. AMC backing down and letting the fiction run is the smartest move I’ve seen regarding a social network yet. I Follow and am Followed by the characters and it has kept me engaged with the show. It’s also instigated my search for other fictional characters “official”, “tactical” or just fans. All I’ve found so far that may be show related is http://www.twitter.com/robinson_crusoe.

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