Mobile Phones Being Used To Bring Fairer Elections To Africa

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We report on so many stories where technology is used in bad or oppressive ways, that it’s important to note when it’s being used in positive ways as well. Technology, itself, is just a tool that can be used in both good and bad ways (not to mention neutral ways), but somehow the good ways don’t always get as much attention. CNN has an article detailing how the rise of mobile phones throughout Africa is helping in making elections that are more fair. It’s certainly not perfect yet, but the ability to communicate has allowed citizens to report abuses of the election process and get the word out when they see any kind of cheating happening.

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Comments on “Mobile Phones Being Used To Bring Fairer Elections To Africa”

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Barrack Mccaine says:

When is it coming here?

When that “technology” is going to arrive in florida and ohio??

Seriously, same cellphones can be used to spread misinformation. Anyways whats the power of information against gun? We know thousands of people are being killed in Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan,………..list goes on! So what??

Sometime that kind technology is exploited by….. the exploiters, but don’t hold ur breath to bring democracy to Africa!

Enrico Suarve says:

Re: When is it coming here?

When that “technology” is going to arrive in florida and ohio??

Diebold/Premier have released a press statement that you’ll be getting the technology to monitor them just as soon as they can provide it and calculate the bill

They are, however, a little busy fixing the random vote stealing bug in their software however

Apparently all you conspiracy theorists were dead wrong with your wild claims that votes were going missing, which you continually requested more information to prove. In no way were the votes going missing in the manner you thought they were, it was *cough* a different way entirely

Now please could you all turn around for a moment so they can rewrite *cough cough* remove the erm… bug?

Go back to sleep America…..

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